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From Double Shock to Double Recovery

A Stable and Social Europe: Fiscal Rules, a Stabilization Fund, Insolvency Rules, Gender Quota, Gender Pension Gaps, and Education. Reports

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How Do Fiscal Adjustments Work? An Empirical Investigation

How Do Fiscal Adjustments Work? An Empirical Investigation

Fiscal Adjustment sentence examples within fiscal adjustment policy

Vigilância em Saúde na pandemia de COVID-19 e os desafios do SUS na atualidade

Higher education in times of neoliberal adjustment and loss of rights

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The Austerity Decade 2010-20

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Monetary Policy Report - April de 2021

Reforming the International Monetary Fund’s Debt Sustainability Assessments towards Achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A Crucial Post-Pandemic Recovery Agenda

Revisiting the political economy of fiscal adjustments

Three Worlds of Austerity: Voter Congruence over Fiscal Trade-Offs in Germany, Spain and the UK

Revenue vs expenditure based fiscal consolidation: the pass-through from federal cuts to local taxes

Rising External Debt Burden, Increase Financial Stability Risk; the Need for Fiscal Adjustment in Nigeria

Fiscal adjustments, income inequality and economic growth: an empirical analysis of Japanese prefectures

Vertical fiscal imbalance, transfer payments, and fiscal sustainability of local governments in China

¿Puede la deuda ser sustentable si la vida no lo es?

Redistribution and the Monetary-Fiscal Policy Mix

Budget Deficits and Fiscal Adjustments under Fragmented Decision Making: New Evidence on an Old Discussion

A Dynamic Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal Adjustment on Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan

Large Fiscal Episodes and Sustainable Development: Some International Evidence

The long-run relationship between public consumption and output in developing countries: Evidence from panel data

Interregional Redistribution and Fiscal Policy in Italy

Fiscal management on revenue-based or expenditure-based adjustments: an empirical evidence from EU-Countries

Consequences of Fiscal Adjustment and Public Finance Management. The Costs of Limiting the Fiscal Imbalance in Eurozone Countries

A competing risks tale on successful and unsuccessful fiscal consolidations

Entre el discurso y la acción efectiva: las contradicciones de la política de defensa de Macri

Austerity and gender inequalities in Europe in times of crisis

Economía política y pugnas por la hegemonía. Disputas en torno al núcleo nodal de la hegemonía neoliberal y los proyectos de devaluación y dolarización durante la crisis del 2001

O Regime Fiscal e a Política Social no Brasil: Análise recente e desafios

Fiscal sustainability challenges in the new normal of low oil prices

Can emerging markets be a source of global troubles again

Expansionary Austerity and Reverse Causality: A Critique of the Conventional Approach

Fiscal consolidations and electoral outcomes in emerging economies: Does the policy mix matter? Macro and micro level evidence from Latin America

Integrated simulation for national development planning


Fiscal policy and the output costs of sovereign default

Fiscal consolidations and distributional effects: which form of fiscal austerity is least harmful?

Fiscal Consolidations and Electoral Outcomes in Emerging Economies: Does the Policy Mix Matter? Macro and Micro Level Evidence from Latin America

Déficit fiscal y dinámica económica del Ecuador. Salida del progresismo e implementación de un programa económico con el FMI

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Fiscal Adjustment 재정 조정

Fiscal Adjustment 재정 조정
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