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Openly accessed and openly published: a celebration of international high-impact surgical research

‘Going forward’

First Impact sentence examples within first impact assessment

Aggregate development effectiveness and externally-valid extrapolation: a fourth principle for Agency-Wide Performance Measurement Systems?

BACRank: Ranking Building Automation and Control System Components by Business Continuity Impact

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Impact response of metallic stacked origami cellular materials

Damage mapping using strain distribution of an optical fiber embedded in a composite cylinder after low-velocity impacts

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Wave overtopping flow striking a human body on the crest of an impermeable sloped seawall. Part I: Physical modeling

Principal Component Analysis of the Running Ground Reaction Forces With Different Speeds

Modeling small remotely piloted aircraft system to head impact for investigating craniocerebral response.

Dynamic failure behaviour analysis of TiB2-B4C ceramic composites by split Hopkinson pressure bar testing

On the CFD Modelling of Slamming of the Metal Melt in High-Pressure Die Casting Involving Lost Cores

SARS-Cov-2/COVID-19 pandemic: first wave, impact, response and lessons learnt in a fully integrated Regional Blood and Tissue Bank. A narrative report.

Effects of restitution, friction, and attitude on 2D low-velocity rigid-body impacts

Effect of gas temperature and nozzle traverse speed on the deposition efficiency in cold spraying

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The ctenophore Beroe cf. ovata in the Caspian Sea. The beginning of a new stage in the evolution of the Caspian ecosystem?

Participation in the National Fitness 100 Project and Efficient Operation Plansduring the Covid-19 Pandemic

The 1921 European drought: impacts, reconstruction and drivers

Shape Memory Alloy Hybrid Composites for Improving Impact Properties

High velocity measurements of particle rebound characteristics under erosive conditions of high pressure compressors

A journey for exploration of Eu2O3 reinforcement effect on zinc-borate glasses: Synthesis, optical, physical and nuclear radiation shielding properties

Safety evaluation of buildings under flood impact

Impact resistance analysis of grille dam based on fluid structure interaction

Development and Preliminary Tests of a Low-Power Automatic Monitoring System for Flexible Debris Flow Barriers

COVID-19 in Gastroenterology Departments: The Impact of the First Wave

Top-down, multi-scale numerical simulation of MEMS microphones under guided free fall tests

Experimental and numerical investigations on damage accumulation and energy dissipation of patch-repaired CFRP laminates under repeated impacts

Trends in alcohol consumption in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-country analysis

Toward deep MRI segmentation for Alzheimer’s disease detection

The development of an upper cervical spine model for use in an omnidirectional surrogate neck

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on European societies. What have we learnt and where do we go from here? – Introduction to the COVID volume

Numerical investigation of the impact of a dam-break induced flood on a structure

Bimodal Cambial Activity and False-Ring Formation in Conifers Under a Monsoon Climate.

Early Impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 on Pediatric Clinical Research: A Pan-European and Canadian Snapshot in Time

The 1921 European drought: Impacts, reconstruction and drivers

Dynamics of motor vehicle equipped with post-impact control system to avoid other road accidents

Contaminação invisível: Uso de agrotóxicos e descarte de embalagens na microrregião de Miguel Pereira e Paty do Alferes

Numerical and experimental investigation on the oblique successive impact behavior and accumulated damage characteristics of fiber metal laminates

Effects of water-accommodated fraction of diesel fuel on seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) biomarkers.

Influence of Braiding Angle on Multiple Impact Damages of 3-D Braided Composite along Longitudinal Direction

A novel helmet‐mounted device for reducing the potential of catastrophic cervical spine fractures and spinal cord injuries in head‐first impacts

On the CFD modeling of slamming of the metal melt in high-pressure die casting involving lost cores

European Social Fund’s Lifelong Learning and Regional Development: A Case Study

Cyber-ARGUS - A mission assurance framework

O projeto Erasmus: internacionalização da educação em contexto de integração | The Erasmus project: internationalization of education in the context of integration


One year later: A case study examining a community hospital’s administrative response to a debris flow

Identifying Vehicle and Collision Impact by Applying the Principle of Conservation of Mechanical Energy

Analysis of Rockfalls by Means of a Fractal Fragmentation Model

Defense Resource Allocation Against Sequential Unintentional and Intentional Impacts

Investigation on impact behavior of FMLs under multiple impacts with the same total energy: Experimental characterization and numerical simulation

Functionally layered cement composites against projectile impact

Pressures on a rubble-mound breakwater crown-wall for tsunami impact

A wheelchair by the overboard model: A technological instrument for disabled basketball players

Gestational pertussis vaccination and the infant’s cellular immune response against whole-cell pertussis vaccine in the first year of life

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases in Turkey

Physiological and agronomic behavior of commercial cultivars of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) and OxG hybrids (Elaeis oleifera x Elaeis guineensis) at rainy and dry seasons

Appraisal of Rapid-Fire Electromagnetic Launch Effects on Ceramic Targets

Carsharing with shared autonomous vehicles: Uncovering drivers, barriers and future developments – A four-stage Delphi study

Nano-impact indentation for high strain rate testing: The influence of rebound impacts

Penetration resistance of hybrid-fiber-reinforced high-strength concrete under projectile multi-impact

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Paclitaxel Reduces Brain Injury from Repeated Head Trauma in Mice.

Distal versus Proximal Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion: Different Mechanisms

Soft tissue vibration dynamics after an unexpected impact

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First Impact 퍼스트 임팩트

First Impact 퍼스트 임팩트
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