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Financial Policies sentence examples within Conservative Financial Policies

Financing the Enterprise

External Financing and Customer Capital: A Financial Theory of Markups

Financial Policies sentence examples within State Financial Policies

Issue to the Legal Protection of the Use of the State Budget to Handling Covid-19

Penyuluhan Kebijakan Era Normal Baru Sebagai Upaya Pencegahan Penularan Covid-19 Di Kecamatan Kamal

Financial Policies sentence examples within Corporate Financial Policies

Insolvency Risk and Value Maximization: A Convergence between Financial Management and Risk Management

Net Operating Loss Carryforwards and Corporate Savings Policies

Financial Policies sentence examples within Related Financial Policies

It Takes Two to Dance: Institutional Dynamics and Climate-Related Financial Policies

It takes two to dance: Institutional dynamics and climate-related financial policies

Financial Policies sentence examples within Green Financial Policies

Does the green credit policy affect the scale of corporate debt financing? Evidence from listed companies in heavy pollution industries in China

Research on the Environmental Effect of Green Finance Policy Based on the Analysis of Pilot Zones for Green Finance Reform and Innovations

Financial Policies sentence examples within Liberal Financial Policies

Causal Effect of Financial Market Frictions and Flight to Quality on Cost of Credit in Kenya

Complex network analysis of bilateral international investment under de-globalization: Structural properties and evolution

Financial Policies sentence examples within Domestic Financial Policies

A Study on China’s Deleveraging and Financial Stability Under the Background of Financial Globalization


Financial Policies sentence examples within Precautionary Financial Policies

Inalienable Customer Capital, Corporate Liquidity, and Stock Returns

Inalienable Customer Capital, Corporate Liquidity, and Stock Returns

Financial Policies sentence examples within Public Financial Policies


شفافیة الموازنة العامة وأهمیتها الاقتصادیة مع إشارة لحالة مصر

Financial Policies sentence examples within Appropriate Financial Policies

Does financial deepening drive spatial heterogeneity of PM2.5 concentrations in China? New evidence from an eigenvector spatial filtering approach

The Dynamic Correlation among Financial Leverage, House Price, and Consumer Expenditure in China

Financial Policies sentence examples within financial policies aimed

Local Credit Rating Agencies: Is their economic role underrated?

The Classification of Profiles of Financial Catastrophe Caused by Out-of-Pocket Payments: A Methodological Approach

Climate risks and financial stability

Central Bank Policy toward the Covid-19 pandemic: Seeking patterns among the most powerful central banks

Consequences of Local Social Norms: A Review of the Literature in Accounting, Finance, and Corporate Governance

Corporate Financial Policy: What Really Matters?

Exploring the energy-environment growth nexus in francophone Africa in presence of institutions

Status, characterization, and quantification of municipal solid waste as a measure towards effective solid waste management: The case of Dilla Town, Southern Ethiopia.

Development of Service Quality Scale in Higher Education: A Validity and Reliability Study

How does corporate social responsibility affect firm leverage?

A Systematic and Critical Review on the Research Landscape of Finance in Vietnam from 2008 to 2020

La financiación de la Universidad de Roma (siglos XIV-XV)

Economic Liberalization And Its Link To Convergence: Empirical Evidence From RCEP and TPPA Countries

Downside systematic risk in Pakistani stock market: role of corporate governance, financial liberalization and investor sentiment

The Dynamics of Financial Policies and Group Decisions in Private Firms

Energy saving in a simulated environment: An online experiment of the interplay between nudges and financial incentives

Central banks, financial stability and policy coordination in the age of climate uncertainty: a three-layered analytical and operational framework

Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Dividend in Oil and Gas Sector of Pakistan

Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Ageing Societies: Policies and Prospective

The exports–exchange rate volatility nexus in Pakistan: do financial constraints and financial development matter?

Organizational Identity, Fixed Salary Contracts, and Financial Performance in Local Governments: Theory and Evidence

More Financial Policies 재정 정책 sentence examples

Key Drivers and Barriers for the Mobilization of Institutional Investment in Climate-Related Projects

Palestinian Stock Exchange Analyzing the performance of the Palestine Stock Exchange and enhancing its role in attracting foreign investments

Global Financial Crisis in 21st Century: A Brief Analysis of Stock Exchanges

A content analysis for government’s and hotels’ response to COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt

La política hacendaria del presidente Cárdenas al servicio del desarrollo incluyente / The Monetary Policy of President Cárdenas at the Service of Inclusive Development

Does environmental regulation induce improved financial development for green technological innovation in China?


More Financial Policies 재정 정책 sentence examples


Policy support for biochar: Review and recommendations

Trade, finance and endogenous invoicing currency: Theory and firm-level evidence

Estrategias pedagógicas como herramienta para transformar la praxis financiera

Theorizing Emancipatory Transnational Futures of International Labor Law

Measuring systemic risk using contingent claims analysis model with higher-moment and machine learing technology

Dynamic Target Capital Structure and Speed of Adjustment in Farm Business

Cash holding or Net Debt, What is Relevant for Indonesian Firms?

Exploring macroeconomic frameworks conducive to structural transformation of sub-Saharan African economies


Evaluating the Accuracy of Valuation Multiples on Indian Firms Using Regularization Techniques of Penalized Regression

Too Big to Care, Too Small to Matter: Macrofinancial Policy and Bank Liquidity Creation

The Development of Microcredit in China under the Microfinance

Forecast Density Combinations with Dynamic Learning for Large Data Sets in Economics and Finance

The Reconstruction of Village Governance Towards Good Governance (Study in Kalianda District, South Lampung Regency)

The nonlinear effect of financial and fiscal policies on poverty alleviation in China—An empirical analysis of Chinese 382 impoverished counties with PSTR models

Taxation and the life cycle of firms

Islamic Monetary Policy and Rastin Swap Bonds

The Effect of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Bond Mutual Funds and Stock Market: An International Comparison

Taxation and the Life Cycle of Firms

Analysis of Project Cost Management Indicators at Residential Buildings (Case Study: Building Construction Project in Rusun Penggilingan Jakarta)

Study on The Current Situation and Problems of Green Finance Development in Guangdong

Determinants of the decision to adopt Islamic finance: evidence from Oman

The Impact of Financial Education of Managers on Medium and Large Enterprises – A Randomized Controlled Trial in Mozambique

On the optimal investment finance of small businesses

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