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Filtration Membranes sentence examples within non solvent induced

Cu-TCPP nanosheets blended polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes with enhanced antifouling and photo-tunable porosity

Single-walled carbon nanotubes grafted with dextran as additive to improve separation performance of polymer membranes

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within thin film composite

Thin-film composite hollow-fiber nanofiltration membranes prepared from benzonitrile containing disulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) random copolymers coated onto polyphenylene oxide support membranes

Fabrication of oppositely charged thin-film composite polyamide membranes with tunable nanofiltration performance by using a piperazine derivative

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within molecular weight cut

The influence of membrane charge and porosity upon fouling and cleaning during the ultrafiltration of orange juice

Bioactive Compounds from Jambolan (Syzygium cumini (L.)) Extract Concentrated by Ultra- and Nanofiltration: a Potential Natural Antioxidant for Food

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Filtration Membranes sentence examples within phase inversion method

Potential Evaluation of PVDF/PAN Membranes for Separation of Oil from Industrial Waste

Manufacturing and Characterisation of Polymeric Membranes for Water Treatment and Numerical Investigation of Mechanics of Nanocomposite Membranes

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Halloysite nanotube blended nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes for reactive dye removal.

A modified membrane filtration-ultraviolet photocatalytic system for the removal of trace sulfadiazine in drinking water (No. CHEM77354R1).

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within anti fouling performance

Fabrication of a hybrid ultrafiltration membrane based on MoS2 modified with dopamine and polyethyleneimine

Anti-Fouling Performance of Mixed Matrix PVDF Membranes with Mono-Hydroxyl Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS-OH) Grafted Silica Nanoparticles

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within polyamide thin film

Metal-organic polyhedron membranes for molecular separation

Synthesis and Characterization of a Thin-Film Composite Nanofiltration Membrane Based on Polyamide-Cellulose Acetate: Application for Water Purification

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within induced phase separation

Gravity assisted super high flux microfiltration polyamide-imide membranes for oil/water emulsion separation

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within Water Filtration Membranes

A bibliometric study on biomimetic and bioinspired membranes for water filtration

Water Filtration Membranes Based on Non-Woven Cellulose Fabrics: Effect of Nanopolysaccharide Coatings on Selective Particle Rejection, Antifouling, and Antibacterial Properties

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within Air Filtration Membranes

Multistructured Electrospun Nanofibers for Air Filtration: A Review.

Three-dimensional composite electrospun nanofibrous membrane by multi-jet electrospinning with sheath gas for high-efficiency antibiosis air filtration

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within Viru Filtration Membranes

Hybrid polymer/ionic liquid electrospun membranes with tunable surface charge for virus capture in aqueous environments

Characterization of Novel Biopolymer Blend Mycocel from Plant Cellulose and Fungal Fibers

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within filtration membranes vium

Single-walled carbon nanotubes grafted with dextran as additive to improve separation performance of polymer membranes

Preparation of full-bio-based nanofiltration membranes

Filtration Membranes sentence examples within filtration membranes suffer

Robust preparation of flexibly super-hydrophobic carbon fiber membrane by electrospinning for efficient oil-water separation in harsh environments

Constructing a selective blocked-nanolayer on nanofiltration membrane via surface-charge inversion for promoting Li+ permselectivity over Mg2+

Ultrahigh water permeation with a high multivalent metal ion rejection rate through graphene oxide membranes

Springs® Design Optimized By Seawater Quality. Laboratory Pilot Tests

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Utilization of Ultrafiltration Technology in the Treatment of Sweet Potato Starch Production Wastewater

More Filtration Membranes 여과막 sentence examples

Electrospinning and nanofibrous structures for biomedical applications

Effect of Chitosan on Membrane Formation and Processability of Bamboo Dissolving Pulp Based Ultrafiltration Membrane

Cheese whey permeate valorization using sequential fermentations: case study performed in the Western Region of Paraná

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Recent development of photocatalytic nanomaterials in mixed matrix membrane for emerging pollutants and fouling control, membrane cleaning process.

A Facile Method to Control Pore Structure of PVDF/SiO2 Composite Membranes for Efficient Oil/Water Purification

Natural organic matter and sulphate elimination from rainwater with nanofiltration technology and process optimisation using response surface methodology.

Layer-by-layer self-assembly preparation and desalination performance of graphene oxide membrane

Mechanical Properties of Green Synthesized Graphene Nano-Composite Samples

Erythritol-based polyester loose nanofiltration membrane with fast water transport for efficient dye/salt separation

Ice-crystal templating approach for tailoring mass transfer channels in graphene oxide membranes for high-performance dye/salt separation

Hollow-fiber membranes of block copolymers by melt spinning and selective swelling

Incorporation of Biomass-Based Carbon Nanoparticles into Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membranes for Enhanced Separation and Anti-Fouling Performance

Conductive 3D networks in a 2D layer for high performance ultrafiltration membrane with high flux-retention and robust cyclic stability

Two-dimensional graphitic carbon nitride for membrane separation

Sustainable Aqueous Phase Separation membranes prepared through mild pH shift induced polyelectrolyte complexation of PSS and PEI

Inline dosing of powdered activated carbon and coagulant prior to ultrafiltration at pilot-scale – Effects on trace organic chemical removal and operational stability

Pilot scale isolation of exopolysaccharides from Streptococcus thermophilus DGCC7710: Impact of methodical details on macromolecular properties and technofunctionality

Pilot-scale ceramic ultrafiltration/nanofiltration membrane system application for caustic recovery and reuse in textile sector

Nanofiltration of Organosolv Hemicellulose Hydrolyzate: Influence of Hydrothermal Pretreatment and Membrane Characteristics on Filtration Performance and Fouling

High-performance loose nanofiltration membrane prepared with assembly of covalently cross-linked polyethyleneimine-based polyelectrolytes for textile wastewater treatment

Research on the mechanism of nanofiltration membrane fouling in zero discharge process of high salty wastewater from coal chemical industry

Recent progress in the use of graphene/po lymer composites to remove oil contaminants from water

Groundwater Remediation of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes—A Field Study

An Effect of the Nature of Components on the Stability of Their Immobilization on the Surface of Porous Membranes Based on Sulphonate-Containing Copolyamide

Nanofibrous membranes comprising intrinsically microporous polyimides with embedded metal-organic frameworks for capturing volatile organic compounds.

Construction of high performance thin-film nanocomposite nanofiltration membrane by incorporation of hydrophobic MOF-derived nanocages

Functional Modification of Cellulose Acetate Microfiltration Membranes by Supercritical Solvent Impregnation

A review of methods for the removal of penicillins from water

More Filtration Membranes 여과막 sentence examples

Powdered activated carbon doping improves the mechanical and adsorption properties of cementitious microfiltration membrane.

Charge distribution in polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes affects ion separation and scaling propensity

Polyamide nanofiltration membrane with high mono/divalent salt selectivity via pre-diffusion interfacial polymerization

Hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for surface water treatment: Performance evaluation at the pilot scale

Antiviral amphiphilic membranes based on the organometallic compound for protein removal from wastewater with fouling-resistant

Enhanced water transport through short nanochannels by regulating the direction of hydrostatic pressure

Maximizing selectivity: An analysis of isoporous membranes

Graphene oxide membranes with stable porous structure for ultrafast water transport

Antifouling Fibrous Membrane Enables High Efficiency and High-Flux Microfiltration for Water Treatment.

Electrochemical technologies combined with membrane filtration

More Filtration Membranes 여과막 sentence examples

Separation of Oil Emulsion with Dynamic Membrane with Surface Layer of Polystyrene

Clarification of Byrsonima ligustrifolia Extract by Porous Membranes: Retention of Bioactive Compounds and Stability During Storage

A polyethersulfone composite ultrafiltration membrane with the in-situ generation of CdS nanoparticles for the effective removal of organic pollutants and photocatalytic self-cleaning

Highly selective laser-induced graphene (LIG)/polysulfone composite membrane for hydrogen purification

Increasing Rejection in Microfiltration Using Vibrating Membrane

Sequestration and Removal of Multiple Small-Molecule Contaminants Using an Optimized Aptamer-Based Ultrafiltration System.

Influence of Membrane Vibration on Particles Rejection Using a Slotted Pore Membrane Microfiltration

Performance enhancement of thin-film nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes via embedment of novel polydopamine-sulfobetaine methacrylate nanoparticles

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Filtration Membranes 여과막

Filtration Membranes 여과막
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