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A new displacement demodulation algorithm for the phase-modulated self-mixing interferometer based on FPGA

Design of ECG Signal Detection Circuit Based on Pacing Pulse Suppression

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Generalized Polynomial Chaos Based Stochastic Collocation on the Uncertainty Quantification of CMOS Active Filter Circuits

A Classification of Single-Amplifier Biquads

Filter Circuits sentence examples within Inverse Filter Circuits

Realization of Inverse Active Filters Using Single Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier

New Operational Amplifier based Inverse Filters

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Filter Circuits sentence examples within Biquadratic Filter Circuits

Power Efficient Biquadratic Filter designing using OTA

Analytical Synthesis of High-Pass, Band-Pass and Low-Pass Biquadratic Filters and its Quadrature Oscillator Application Using Current-Feedback Operational Amplifiers

Tunable and foldable paper-based passive electronic components and filter circuits

Black-box identification of grid-side filter circuit for improved modelling of single-phase power electronic devices for harmonic studies

Analysis and design of a square-law detector based on multiplier for high linearity radiometer

Lead-free and flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator based on CaBi4Ti4O15 Aurivillius oxides/ PDMS composites for efficient biomechanical energy harvesting

0.5 V sixth-order Chebyshev band-pass filter based on multiple-input bulk-driven OTA

Investigations on Wind Fed Power Electronic Converters for Residential Applications

Electricity Savings Using Passive Filters

Noise analysis of band pass filters using stochastic differential equations

Experimental Simulation on Harmonic Component Analysis of Rectangular Pulse Signal

Numerical Simulation for Switching Noise due to a Power Converter for DC Feeding System

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Filter Circuits 필터 회로

Filter Circuits 필터 회로
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