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Tear Film Changes in Type II Diabetes Mellitus with and without Diabetic Retinopathy

A study of meibomian gland and tear film changes in patients with pterygium in a tertiary care centre

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Preparation, modification and nonlinear optical properties of semiconducting MoS2 and MoS2/ZnO composite film

Numerical simulation and optimal design of photonic crystal fiber hygrometer coated with PVA/GO composite film

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Effect of H- and J-Aggregation on the Photophysical and Voltage Loss of Boron Dipyrromethene Small Molecules in Vacuum-Deposited Organic Solar Cells.

Spin and charge transport of electron on a mesoscopic ring of topological insulator thin film in uniform magnetic field

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Electrically Triggered Tunable Terahertz Modulator Based on VO2 Hybrid Metasurface

Electrically Triggered Tunable Terahertz Band-Pass Filter Based on VO2 Hybrid Metamaterial

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Obtaining the solid solution Sb2S3-xSex by selenization of Sb2S3 film and identifying the thermal processing parameters to achieve recrystallization while maintaining phase-purity

Self-formation of Ag particles/Ag-Zr alloy films on flexible polyimide as SERS substrates

Impact of the structural properties of holmium doped ZnO thin films grown by sol–gel method on their optical properties

Intermittent Water Supply Impacts on Distribution System Biofilms and Water Quality.

An Al-assisted GO/rGO Janus film: Fabrication and hygroscopic properties

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The influence of radiation damage on electrons and ion scattering measurements from PVC films

EBT3 Gafchromic® film as a new substrate for in vitro evaluation of sun protection factor

Electrochemical performance and response of bacterial community during phenanthrene degradation in single-chamber air-cathode microbial fuel cells

Pressure response of carbapenems Klebsiella pneumoniae under antibiotic stress.

Polarization Conversion by Transformation of the TM0–TE1 Modes in an Ion-Exchange Glass Waveguide

On the Microstructure and Chemical Composition of the Polyimide Film Surface and Condensed Substances after Long-Term Exposure at the Mir Space Station

Laser plasma-induced damage characteristics of Ta 2 O 5 films

Synthesis and characterization of pure and Sb/Sn doped ZnTe for solar cell application

Novel low color poly(ester imides) with triphenylamine and carbazole substituents for electrochromic applications

Does the presence of a S. Salivarius biofilm influence the tooth-zirconia pair triboactivity? An in-vitro study

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Alcohols responsive photonic crystals prepared by self-assembly of dendronized block copolymers

The biocide triclosan triggers multiple regulatory systems in Staphylococcus aureus to induce antibiotic tolerance

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Film Changes 필름 변경

Film Changes 필름 변경
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