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Limit Equilibrium Analysis and Design of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Fill Walls Under Special Conditions

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A spreadsheet-based technique to calculate the passive soil pressure based on the log-spiral method

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mulching for Reducing Soil Erosion in Cut Slope and Fill Slope of Forest Roads in Hyrcanian Forests

Model test study on the hydrological mechanisms and early warning thresholds for loess fill slope failure induced by rainfall

Geomorphic hazards in south‐west Saudi Arabia: The human–environmental nexus

Laboratory and field tests and distinct element analysis of dry granular flows and segregation processes

A case study integrating field measurements and numerical analysis of high-fill slope stabilized with cast-in-place piles in Yunnan, China

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Cut-Off Walls and Dewatering Systems as an Effective Method of Contaminated Sites Reclamation Processes

Comprehensive strength deterioration model of compacted loess exposed to drying-wetting cycles

A novel radial cable for restraining tensile failure in steep fill—rock interfaces

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Fill Slopes 성토 경사

Fill Slopes 성토 경사
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