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Field Excited sentence examples within Wave Field Excited

Structure of low-frequency fields generated by the ponderomotive force arising at the interaction of an ultrashort focused laser pulse with the conductor

On Surface-Wave Suppression of Differential Circular Microstrip Antennas

Field Excited sentence examples within Electric Field Excited

Two-Port Same-Polarized Patch Antenna Based on Two Out-of-Phase TM10 Modes for Access-Point MIMO Antenna Application

Two-Dimensional Whole Space Transient Electromagnetic Forward Response of Magnetic Moment in Arbitrary Direction

Field Excited sentence examples within Acoustic Field Excited

Prediction of Sound Scattering from Deep-Sea Targets Based on Equivalence of Directional Point Sources

On-Chip Three-dimension Cell Rotation Using Whirling Flows Generated by Oscillating Asymmetrical Microstructures

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Field Excited sentence examples within Magnetic Field Excited

Magnetic Field Distribution Generated by an Elliptic Electric Current

Performance Optimization Method of Wireless Power Transfer System Based on Magnetic Field Editing

Field Excited sentence examples within Evanescent Field Excited

On-line SERS detection of adenine in DNA based on the optofluidic in-fiber integrated GO/PDDA/Ag NPs

Surface Plasmon Field-Enhanced Raman Scattering Based on Evanescent Field Excitation of Waveguide-Coupled Surface Plasmon Resonance Configuration

Field Excited sentence examples within field excited state

A Modular Approach to Light Capture and Synthetic Tuning of the Excited-State Properties of Fe(II)-Based Chromophores.

Photoselective MLCT to d-d pathways for light-induced excited spin state trapping.

Non-Hermitian Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics - Configuration Interaction Singles Approach for Polaritonic Structure with ab initio Molecular Hamiltonians

VLF Near-Field Excited by an Arbitrarily Oriented Electric Dipole in a Magnetized Plasma

An Analytic Algorithm to Solve Electromagnetic Field in Planar-stratified Biaxial Anisotropic Medium

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Flexible x-ray source with tunable polarization and orbital angular momentum from Hermite-Gaussian laser modes driven plasma channel wakefield

Experimental and theoretical investigation of transient edge waves excited by a piezoelectric transducer bonded to the edge of a thick elastic plate

Quantitative estimates for enhancement of the field excited by an emitter due to presence of two closely located spherical inclusions.

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Field Excited 현장 흥분

Field Excited 현장 흥분
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