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Kaka country: An intertextual reading of national dysfunction in Bulawayo’s We Need New Names and Jinga’s One Foreigner’s Ordeal

Sameness and difference in narrative modes and narrative sense making: The case of Ramsey Campbell’s “The Scar”

The Effects of an Oral Narrative Intervention on the Fictional Narratives of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Language Disorder

Epilepsy in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot - Language, Stigma, and Mythology

Myth as a Historical Resource : The Case of Orgain Denna Ríg (The Destruction of Dinn Ríg)

A bela morte do herói: corpo, câncer e medicalização em narrativas de quadrinhos

Braving the Atlantic waves

Total Dramaturgical Collapse in The Method Gun: American Theatre in Pandemic Time—a Conversation between Katie Pearl and Jaclyn I. Pryor

Positioning in Adolescents’ Peer Co-Narrations: The Case of Mock Fiction

Narratives of Violence

Rare Vocabulary Production in School-Age Narrators From Low-Income Communities.

As concepções de criatividade na Base Nacional Comum Curricular de Língua Portuguesa

Commemorative Fictions: Athens (480 B.C.E.), Jerusalem (168 B.C.E.), and Alexandria (38 C.E.)

Between Madras and Chennai: Narratives of belonging in a post colonial city

Neural Attunement to Others: Shame, Social Status, and Rewarded Viewing in Reality Television in Sweden

Sports Fans and Magical Thinking: How Supernatural Thinking Connects Fans to Teams

How Do Teachers Use Comics to Promote Engagement, Equity, and Diversity in Science Classrooms?

Caged Bodies, Raging Minds, Dissident Voices: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Taslima Nasreen

The Narco as a Sui Generis Criminal Character and TV Genre

Voiceless Screams: Pictorialism as Narrative Strategy in Horror Silent Cinema

An Experiential Study of ‘Conditional Agency’ of Bengali Widows with Reference to the Autobiographies of Saradasundari Devi and Rassundari Devi

‘Soft, Wild and Free’: A magical realist fairytale

Fiction, Philosophy, and Television: The Case of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Carceral Tales: A Report on Prison Pedagogy

Discourse formulation and neurovascular activation across four genres

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Mitos, arquétipos e novas representações de gênero em contos juvenis contemporâneos

Dementia Fiction: Giving Voice to an Experience beyond Language

The film narrator and the early American screenwriting manuals

On the Origin of the Epic Preterit

Kwisin in Chosŏn Literati Writings: Multilayered Recognition, Cultural Sensibility, and Imagination

Perdidos, marginais e exóticos. Narrativas fílmicas e modos de representação de alteridades e fronteiras

The (un)believable truth about Rwanda

Case Studies as Narratives: Reflections Prompted by the Case of Victor, the Wild Child of Aveyron

Tackling the Challenge of Computational Identification of Characters in Fictional Narratives

Fact or Fiction? Designing Stories for Active Learning Exercises

Translating the Enemy in the ‘Terp’: Three Representations in Contemporary Afghan War Fiction

Ray Charles in Paris: Race, Protest, and the Soundscape of the Algerian War

La narcogentrificación de la ciudad en Trabajos del reino (2004)

Creative Nonfiction and the Research Method

How Do Teachers Use Comics to Promote Engagement, Equity, and Diversity in Science Classrooms?

Ici et là-bas à l’épreuve de la fiction. Une pièce à verser au dossier temps/espace

Introduction to Focus: Graphic Nonfiction

Archival Autofiction in Post-Dictatorship Argentina

Popular culture and genetics; friend, foe or something more complex?

Introduction: Literary Experience and Self-Reflection

Sleeping Science-Fictionally:

Second-Person Narratives in Non-Fiction

The Educational Power of Fiction—An Interdisciplinary Exploration

The paradox of imagining the post-human world: Fictional and factual rhetorical strategies in Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us

‘Colloquialization’ in fiction: A corpus-driven analysis of present-tense fiction

A construção de espaços provisórios na literatura latino-americana

Straight to the source? Where adaptations, artworks, historical films and novels connect

Récits non naturels, narratologie non naturelle: apports, problèmes et perspectives

Propuesta para el análisis de la evolución literaria de un autor mediante el uso de herramientas propias de la lingüística de corpus: el ejemplo de Pérez Galdós

Particularidades Absolutas: a autoficção como um procedimento literário em César Aira

Nazi Cosplay in Japan

How Could Children’s Storybooks Promote Empathy? A Conceptual Framework Based on Developmental Psychology and Literary Theory

Sexual identity labels in young adult novels featuring female same-sex attraction

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