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A parametric study and characterization of additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber reinforced composites for high-speed 3D printing

Stress field and damage evolution in C/SiC woven composites: Image-based finite element analysis and in situ X-ray computed tomography tests

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Impact tensile behavior analysis of Twaron fiber tows from fast Fourier transform

Experimental and theoretical study on the strain rate dependence of the mechanical properties of Twaron fiber tows with different fiber fineness

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Hi-NICALON™ Type S fiber tow surface desizing and decarburization via heat treatment

Scheelite coatings on SiC fiber: Effect of coating temperature and atmosphere

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An Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Framework to Analyze the Failure Behaviors of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites for Lightweight Vehicle Applications.

Investigations of defect effect on dynamic compressive failure of 3D circular braided composite tubes with numerical simulation method

Interlaminar fracture toughness of a quasi 3D braided composite

Conductive Regenerated Cellulose Fibers for Multi-Functional Composites: Mechanical and Structural Investigation

An MMF3 Criterion Based Multi-Scale Strategy for the Failure Analysis of Plain-Woven Fabric Composites and Its Validation in the Open-Hole Compression Tests

Thermal conductivity of a thick 3D textile composite using an RVE model with specialized thermal periodic boundary conditions

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Stochastic characterization of textile reinforcements in composites based on X-ray microtomographic scans

Elastic and strength analysis of hybrid 3D woven orthogonal composites: Numerical and analytical modelling

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Reconstruction of mesostructural material twin models of engineering textiles based on Micro-CT Aided Geometric Modeling

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Damage and failure mechanism of 3D carbon fiber/epoxy braided composites after thermo-oxidative ageing under transverse impact compression

Investigation of the classification and properties of three-dimensional textile fabrics

Experimental and numerical characterization of mechanical properties of hemp fiber reinforced composites using multiscale analysis approach

Multi-scale Modeling of Non-Orthogonal Twill Weave Composites

Characterization of Mode I and Mode II traction–separation laws for cohesive separation of uncured thermoset tows

Comparisons of influence of random defects on the impact compressive behavior of three different textile structural composites

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Effect of external pressure and resin flushing on reduction of process-induced voids and enhancement of laminate quality in heated-VARTM

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Modeling the transverse tensile and compressive failure behavior of triaxially braided composites

Adaptive Path Planning of Fiber Placement Based on Improved Method of Mesh Dynamic Representation

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Strength properties and its dispersion of 2.5D-C/SiC composites

Static Fatigue of SiC Multifilament Tows at Temperatures up to 1200 °C in Air

Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of a Quasi 3D Braided Composite

Evaluation of the effect of PyC coating thickness on the mechanical properties of T700 carbon fiber tows

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Optimization of variable stiffness laminates with gap-overlap and curvature constraints

More Fiber Tows 섬유 토우 sentence examples

Initial failure strength prediction of woven composites using a new yarn failure criterion constructed by deep learning

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Multiscale Modeling of a Notched Coupon Test for Triaxially Braided Composites

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An efficient homogenization technique for fiber tows in textile composites with emphasis on directionally dependent nonlinear stress–strain behavior

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