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Engineering Profiles of Thermally Drawn Optical Fiber Tapers

Micro-Ring Resonator Devices Prototyped on Optical Fiber Tapers by Multi-Photon Lithography

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Analytical and experimental study on a bent abrupt taper.

Multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber laser based on a polarization-dependent in-line Mach–Zehnder interferometer

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Saturable absorber based on the fiber coupler coated by CNTs

Saturable absorber for ring fiber lasers on the base of coupler coated by CNTs

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Formation of Fiber Tapers by Chemical Etching for Application in Chaotic Correlation Fiber Loop Ring Down Sensing

Optical Trapping of Sub−Micrometer Particles with Fiber Tapers Fabricated by Fiber Pulling Assisted Chemical Etching

Kerr Optical Frequency Combs With Multi-FSR Mode Spacing in Silica Microspheres

Humidity sensor based on unsymmetrical U-shaped twisted microfiber coupler with wide detection range

Fabrication of tellurite glass microdisks with thermal pressing method

Temperature effect on the light propagation in a tapered optical fiber with a twisted nematic liquid crystal cladding

Impact of angular pump power distribution on double-clad fiber temperature and incidence on high-power fiber laser reliability

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Fiber Tapers 섬유 테이퍼

Fiber Tapers 섬유 테이퍼
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