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20184 A Hypothesis-Driven Parametric Study of a Computational Dermal Replacement Model

Impact on Mechanical Properties of 10 versus 20 Minute Treatment of Human Pericardium with Glutaraldehyde in OZAKI Procedure

Uniaxial properties of ascending aortic aneurysms in light of effective stretch.

Relationship between physicochemical evolution and the failure process of flax fibers aged in water

Embodiment of intra-abdominal pressure in a flexible multibody model of the trunk and the spinal unloading effects during static lifting tasks.

Noninvasive Assessment of In Vivo Passive Skeletal Muscle Mechanics as a Composite Material Using Biomedical Ultrasound.

Shear-induced migration of confined flexible fibers.

Nonlocal damage and interface modeling approach for the micro-scale analysis of FRCM

Mesoscale numerical investigation of the effects of fiber stiffness on the shear behavior of fiber-reinforced granular soil

A Subdomain Method for Mapping the Heterogeneous Mechanical Properties of the Human Posterior Sclera

GAG content, fiber stiffness, and fiber angle affect swelling-based residual stress in the intact annulus fibrosus

Fiber stiffness, pore size and adhesion control migratory phenotype of MDA-MB-231 cells in collagen gels

Collagen networks determine viscoelastic properties of connective tissues yet do not hinder diffusion of the aqueous solvent.

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Fiber Stiffness 섬유 강성

Fiber Stiffness 섬유 강성
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