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Identification of Ground Intrusion in Underground Structures Based on Distributed Structural Vibration Detected by Ultra-Weak FBG Sensing Technology

Fiber Optic Sensing for Geomechanical Monitoring: (2)- Distributed Strain Measurements at a Pumping Test and Geomechanical Modeling of Deformation of Reservoir Rocks

Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing technology

A self-temperature compensation method of fiber optic gage use for strain balances

Dynamic monitoring the deformation and failure of extra-thick coal seam floor in deep mining

Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing system

Multimode-interference-effect-based all-fiber displacement sensing system for an orthopedic Ilizarov apparatus device.

Evaluation of Wing Load Calibration and Sensing Methods Using Conventional Strain Gages and a Fiber Optic Sensing System Installed on a Straight Tapered Wing

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Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing network

Multi-functional FBG Interrogation for Integrated Structural Health Management

Concrete crack detection method based on optical fiber sensing network and microbending principle

Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing probe

Performance study of surface plasmon resonance and lossy mode resonance based fiber optic sensors utilizing silver and indium oxide layers: An experimental investigation

A Numerical Analysis of Various pH Level for Fiber Optic pH Sensor Based on Bromophenol Blue in Silica

Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing technique

Experimental Investigation of Reinforced Slopes’ Response, to Increased Surcharge Load, with the Use of Optic Fibre Sensors

Optical Fiber Sensing Cables for Brillouin-Based Distributed Measurements

Fiber Optic Sensing sentence examples within fiber optic sensing application

Measurement uncertainty of 7-core multicore fiber shape sensors

Manufacturing Long Optical Fiber With Specialty Coatings for Distributed Sensing

Slope-Assisted Brillouin-Based Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing Techniques

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for geomechanics characterization: A concise review

Distributed Fiber-Optic Strain Sensing: Field Applications in Pile Foundations and Concrete Beams

Tunnel disturbance events monitoring and recognition with distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)

Application of distribution fiber optic sensing technology in submarine optical cable safety monitoring

In-fiber comb-like linear polarizer with leaky mode resonances

Towards a spatiotemporal understanding of subsurface water injection-induced strain responses tracked by fiber-optic sensing

Real-Time DAS VSP Acquisition and Processing on Single- and Multi-Mode Fibers

Online Multi-Parameter Monitoring in Overhead Transmission Lines Based on Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor

Optical Fiber Distributed Acoustic Sensors: A Review

Optically quantifying spatiotemporal responses of water injection-induced strain via downhole distributed fiber optics sensing

High-sensitivity relative humidity fiber-optic sensor based on an internal-external Fabry-Perot cavity Vernier effect.

Overcoming Challenges of Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing for Highway Traffic Monitoring

Overview and emerging trends in optical fiber aptasensing.

Optical polarization–based seismic and water wave sensing on transoceanic cables

Properties of a deep seismic waveguide measured with an optical fiber

Expanding the Envelope of Fiber-Optic Sensing for Reservoir Description and Dynamics

Microanchored fiber-optic DSS in boreholes allows strain profiling of the shallow subsurface

Flow Diagnostics in High Rate Gas Condensate Well Using Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing and its Validation with Conventional Production Log

Hydraulic Fracturing Diagnostics Utilizing Near and Far-Field Distributed Acoustic Sensing DAS Data Correspondences

Use of Fiber-Optic Information To Detect and Investigate the Gas-in-Riser Phenomenon

Opto-Mechanical Fiber Sensing of Gamma Radiation

In-situ measurement of Auramine-O adsorption on macroporous adsorption resins at low temperature using fiber-optic sensing

Real-Time Down-Hole Monitoring of Gas Injection Profile Using Fibre-Optic Distribute Temperature and Acoustic Sensing in Tarim

The Israeli Air Force Efforts in Implementing Fiber-Optic Nervous Systems in Composite Based Air Vehicles for Damage Estimation and Performance Analysis

Capturing the instantaneous flow structure in gas-solid circulating fluidized bed using high-speed imaging and fiber optic sensing

Fiber Optic Sensing 광섬유 감지

Fiber Optic Sensing 광섬유 감지
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