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High power, 100 W-class, thulium-doped all-fiber lasers

2.5 mJ Narrow-Linewidth, Linearly-Polarized Pulse-Burst High-Power Yb-Doped Fiber Amplifier System

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A Fiber-Based High-Power Single Frequency Pulsed Laser at 780 nm/776 nm for Rb Dating

1 μJ Pulse Energy All-Fiber Thulium Doped Mode-Locked MOPA System

Efficiency of ultrafast laser ablation in burst mode as a function of intra-burst repetition rate and pulse fluence

Table-top high-energy 7  μm OPCPA and 260  mJ Ho:YLF pump laser.

Ultra-high repetition-rate (tens of MHz) nanosecond all-fiber amplifier based on a SESAM passively mode-locking fiber oscillator at 1064 nm

A 70 W thulium-doped all-fiber laser operating at 1940 nm

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Single-Frequency Er3+ Doped Phosphate Fiber MOPA

Coherence properties of the flat-top supercontinuum between 1:9 and 2:4 μm

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Fiber Mopa 섬유모파

Fiber Mopa 섬유모파
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