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A reflective methane concentration sensor based on biconvex cone photonic crystal fiber

Study on Physical Effects of Optical Fiber Transmission Characteristics Under Nonlinear Optical Effects

Fiber Cladding sentence examples within Composite Fiber Cladding

Laser refrigeration of optical fibers via optically-active composite cladding materials

Design of a radiation-balanced fiber laser via optically active composite cladding materials

Fiber Cladding sentence examples within fiber cladding material

Design of all-solid fluorotellurite fibers with near-zero-flattened dispersion profiles for mid-infrared optical frequency comb generation

Laser refrigeration of optical fibers via optically-active composite cladding materials

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Fiber Cladding sentence examples within fiber cladding mode

Magnetic field sensor based on S-shaped and core-offset fusion splicing structure of single-mode fiber coated with magnetic fluid

Optimization of Chirp and Tilt of Fiber Bragg gratings for Raman Emission Suppression

Improved optical fiber Mach-Zehnder high-sensitivity refractive index sensor

The Influence of Germanium Concentration in the Fiber Core on Temperature Sensitivity in Rayleigh Scattering-Based OFDR

High-sensitivity temperature sensor based on photonic crystal fiber fully coated with gold and PDMS films.

A Review of Recent Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors Applications for Civil Engineering Structural Health Monitoring

Experimental demonstration of the eigen modes resonant coupling in the step-index fiber with high index absorbing rods embedded into fiber cladding

Femtosecond laser welding of silica glass fiber for robust Bragg grating sensing in high temperature environment

Nano-Displacement Measurement Using an Optical Drop-Shaped Structure

Polymeric Microparticles Generated via Confinement-Free Fluid Instability.

Side-Polished D-Type Fiber SPR Sensor for RI Sensing With Temperature Compensation

2D filament grating array: enabling an efficient, high-resolution lens-less all-fiber spectrometer

Power-type liquid-level sensor for high refractive index liquid based on long-period fiber grating

Fiber Characterization Using Whispering Gallery Modes(Invited)

Particle-modified polymeric cladding on glass optical fibers enhances radial light scattering

Coating of optical fiber by thin films for creating sensors based on interaction with cladding modes

In-line reflective Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on a tilted in-fiber beam splitter.

Design and simulation of etched physical structure fiber Bragg grating for fabricating high temperature sensors

40 GHz-rate all-optical cross-modulation of core-guided near infrared light in single mode fiber by surface plasmons on gold-coated tilted fiber Bragg gratings

Sensitivity increasing in plasmonic optical sensor with (Au-SiO2) aperture arrays on a Bragg fiber endface

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor Based on Copper/Graphene Oxide Composite Film-Coated Tapered Single-Mode Fibre Interferometer

Theoretical Design of Band Pass Filter Utilizing Long Period Fiber Grating Having Cladding Refractive Index Perturbation

Functionalized etched tilted fiber Bragg grating aptasensor for label-free protein detection.

Characteristics of LPFGs Written by a CO2-Laser Glass Processing System

Crosstalk-Aware Core and Spectrum Assignment in a Multicore Optical Link With Flexible Grid

Refractometer With Etched Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Fabry–Perot Interferometer in Multicore Fiber

FDTD Analysis Fiber Optic SPR Biosensor for DNA Hybridization: A Numerical Demonstration with Graphene

Optical Fiber Cladding SPR Sensor Based on Core-Shift Welding Technology

Core Modal Spatial-Structuring in Inhibited-Coupling Hollow-Core Fibers

Recent Advances in Inhibited-Coupling Guiding Hollow-Core Optical Fibers

Catastrophic damage in hollow core optical fibers under high power laser radiation.

Nanocrystalline tin oxide coatings on etched optical fiber Bragg grating for hydrogen sulfide detection

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Fiber Cladding 섬유 클래딩

Fiber Cladding 섬유 클래딩
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