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Self-Pulsing in Photonic Dimers

Phase and Power Experimental Study of Seeded Modulation Instability in Passive Fiber Ring Cavities

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Optical Fiber Filters Linewidth Enhancement Based on Erbium-doped Photonic Crystal Fiber Cavities

Detection of aflatoxin M1 by fiber cavity attenuated phase shift spectroscopy.

Phase Shift-Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy in Linear and Active Fiber Cavities for Sensing Applications at 1550 nm

Fluoride detection in drinking water using evanescent fiber cavity ring down spectroscopy

Gas Concentration Sensing Based on Fiber Loop Ring-Down Spectroscopy: A Review

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Dynamical evolution in gate-tunable graphene frequency combs

Temporal soliton and optical frequency comb generation in a Brillouin laser cavity

Semi-automatic Platform for Fabry–Perot Microcavities Construction

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Fiber Cavities 섬유 공동

Fiber Cavities 섬유 공동
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