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Fiber Alignment sentence examples within fiber volume fraction

Fiber orientation effects on ultra-high performance concrete formed by 3D printing

Three-Dimensional Quantification of Collagen Microstructure During Tensile Mechanical Loading of Skin

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within Collagen Fiber Alignment

A Biomechanical and Microstructural Analysis of Bovine and Porcine Pericardium for Use in Bioprosthetic Heart Valves

Decrease in Longitudinal Wave Velocity in Glycated Collagen

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within Optical Fiber Alignment

Silicon-Photonics-Embedded Interposers and Their Applications

Azimuthal Alignment Method for Optimizing Bragg Grating Inscription in Photonic Crystal Fibers

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Fiber Alignment sentence examples within Ecm Fiber Alignment

Quantifying Breast Cancer-Driven Fiber Alignment and Collagen Deposition in Primary Human Breast Tissue

Effects of Geometry on the Mechanics and Alignment of Three-Dimensional Engineered Microtissues.

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within Control Fiber Alignment

Actuators with nanofiber mat electrodes: effect of electrode preparation method on actuator performance

Comparative analysis of fiber alignment methods in electrospinning

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within Dependent Fiber Alignment

Model Calibration and Data Set Determination Considering the Local Micro-Structure for Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Boosting in vitro cartilage tissue engineering through the fabrication of polycaprolactone-gelatin 3D scaffolds with specific depth-dependent fiber alignments and mechanical stimulation.

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within fiber alignment direction

Uniaxial tension of Kevlar-filled EPDM rubber sheet: effect of fiber orientation and distribution

Osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells on random and aligned PAN/PPy nanofibrous scaffolds

Fiber Alignment sentence examples within fiber alignment parallel

Fiber orientation effects on ultra-high performance concrete formed by 3D printing

Forming Anisotropic Crystal Composites: Assessing the Mechanical Translation of Gel Network Anisotropy to Calcite Crystal Form.

Highly sensitive humidity-responsive actuator comprising aligned electrospun fibers containing metal–organic framework nanoparticles

Glycosaminoglycans Modulate Long-Range Mechanical Communication Between Cells in Collagen Networks

Electric field effect on electrospun fiber alignment using a parallel electrode plate

A postgraduate experiment: a study of fabricating nanofibers by electrospinning

The mechanics and dynamics of cancer cells sensing noisy 3D contact guidance

Fabrication of hybrid scaffolds obtained from combinations of PCL with gelatin or collagen via electrospinning for skeletal muscle tissue engineering

Modeling anisotropic fracture in a metal-fiber reinforced composite system

Nanofiber enhanced graphene–elastomer with unique biomimetic hierarchical structure for energy storage and pressure sensing

In Situ Characterization of Polycaprolactone Fiber Response to Quasi-Static Tensile Loading in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Rebirth of the Eggshell Membrane as a Bioactive Nanoscaffold for Tissue Engineering.

Rheological properties of skeletal muscles in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy murine model before and after autologous cell therapy.

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Controllable mechanical and conductive performance of polyphenylene sulfide composite with quasi 2D ordered long carbon fiber forests

Tension Stimulation of Tenocytes in Aligned Hyaluronic Acid/Platelet-Rich Plasma-Polycaprolactone Core-Sheath Nanofiber Membrane Scaffold for Tendon Tissue Engineering

Analyzing the effect of misalignment on single-filament carbon fiber tensile testing via stereoscopic computer vision imaging

Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles-Based Nanofibrous Membrane in Comparison With Thin-Film Enzymatic Glucose Sensor

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Contribution of fiber alignment on flexural properties of UHPC and prediction using the Composite Theory

Engineering Fiber Anisotropy within Natural Collagen Hydrogels.

Multi-scale structuring of cell-instructive cellulose nanocrystal composite hydrogel sheets via sequential electrospinning and thermal wrinkling.

Bio and soft-imprinting lithography on bacterial cellulose films

Microgravity and Radiation Effects on Astronaut Intervertebral Disc Health.

Direct ink writing of ZrB2-SiC chopped fiber ceramic composites

Influence of fiber alignment on pseudoductility and microcracking in a cementitious carbon fiber composite material

Study of the electric field distribution of various electrospinning geometries and its effect on the resultant nanofibers using finite element simulation

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Anisotropic microstructure dependent mechanical behavior of 3D-printed basalt fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites

Electrospun microstructured PLA-based scaffolds featuring relevant anisotropic, mechanical and degradation characteristics for soft tissue engineering.

Effect of Extrusion Parameters on Short Fiber Alignment in Fused Filament Fabrication

Effectiveness of nuchal ligament autograft in the healing of an experimental superficial digital flexor tendon defect in equid

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Finite element modelling of fully-coupled flow/fiber-orientation effects in polymer composite deposition additive manufacturing nozzle-extrudate flow

Development of Natural Fiber Hybrid Composites Using Sugarcane Bagasse and Bamboo Charcoal for Automotive Thermal Insulation Materials

Tunable Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Coaxial Electrospun Composite Nanofibers of P(VDF-TrFE) and P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE)

More Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬 sentence examples

Quantifying effects of manufacturing methods on fiber orientation in unidirectional composites using structure tensor analysis

Study on Bending Strength of Cementitious Composites Based on Fiber Alignment

Radiofrequency Ablation Alters the Microstructural Organization of Healthy and Enzymatically Digested Porcine Mitral Valves

Laser Written Glass Interposer for Fiber Coupling to Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits

More Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬 sentence examples

Combining ultrasound directed self-assembly and stereolithography to fabricate engineered polymer matrix composite materials with anisotropic electrical conductivity

Mechanobiological Wound Model for Improved Design and Evaluation of Collagen Dermal Replacement Scaffolds.

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Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field as a Supplement to Topical Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Controlled Exercise in Treatment of Equine SDF Tendonitis

Alignment of Cellulose Nanofibers: Harnessing Nanoscale Properties to Macroscale Benefits.

Magnetic Alignment of Electrospun Fiber Segments Within a Hydrogel Composite Guides Cell Spreading and Migration Phenotype Switching

Low-Noise Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber Achieved by Specific Copolymerization Process

FITC-Dextran Release from Cell-Embedded Fibrin Hydrogels

More Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬 sentence examples

Controllable configuration of conductive pathway by tailoring the fiber alignment for ultrasensitive strain monitoring

Cellular morphologies, motility, and epithelial–mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells incubated on electrospun polymeric fiber substrates in hypoxia

Photonic-chip-on-tip: compound photonic devices fabricated on optical fibers.

Fiber motion in highly confined flows of carbon fiber and non-Newtonian polymer

Electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) nanofiber shish kebabs mimic mineralized bony surface features.

Rising R-curves in particulate/fiber-reinforced resin composite layered systems.

More Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬 sentence examples

Superior mechanical enhancement of epoxy composites reinforced by polyimide nanofibers via a vacuum-assisted hot-pressing

Macrophage-Driven Biomaterial Degradation Depends on Scaffold Microarchitecture

Cellulose and/or lignin in fiber-aligned electrospun PET mats: the influence on materials end-properties

Temporal Impact of Substrate Anisotropy on Differentiating Cardiomyocyte Alignment and Functionality.

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Which Confounders Have the Largest Impact in Shear Wave Elastography of Muscle and How Can They be Minimized? An Elasticity Phantom, Ex Vivo Porcine Muscle and Volunteer Study Using a Commercially Available System.

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Numerical analysis on viscoelastic creep responses of aligned short fiber reinforced composites

Influence of PLLA/PCL/HA Scaffold Fiber Orientation on Mechanical Properties and Osteoblast Behavior

Effects of Nanofibers and Coculture with Endothelial Cells on Osteogenesis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Injectable, Magnetically Orienting Electrospun Fiber Conduits for Neuron Guidance.

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Mechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin-Based Composites

3D-Printed PCL/PPy Conductive Scaffolds as Three-Dimensional Porous Nerve Guide Conduits (NGCs) for Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair

Tunable Wood by Reversible Interlocking and Bioinspired Mechanical Gradients

Functional and smart materials by electrospinning for advanced applications

Evaluation the effect of fiber alignment on particle collection performance of mechanical/electret filters based on Voronoi tessellations

Effect of collagen packing and moisture content on leather stiffness.

Tandem electrospinning for heterogeneous nanofiber patterns

Probing Collective Mechanoadaptation in Cardiomyocyte Development by Plasma Lithography Patterned Elastomeric Substrates.

Comparative study of aligned and nonaligned poly(ε-caprolactone) fibrous scaffolds prepared by solution blow spinning.

A Concept for Accurate Edge-Coupled Multi-Fiber Photonic Interconnects

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Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬

Fiber Alignment 섬유 정렬
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