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Didn’t Plan One but got One: Unintended and sooner-than-intended Parents in the East and the West of Europe

Experienced and anticipated changes in household economic situation and childless women’s short-term intentions to become mothers

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Fertility intentions among the working population of Dalian City born between 1980 and 1989.

Spatial and socio-economic correlates of effective contraception among women seeking post-abortion care in healthcare facilities in Kenya

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The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on reproductive intentions among the Polish population.

Persistent joblessness and fertility intentions

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Fertility Intentions and Their Realisation: Insights from the Polish Generations and Gender Survey

The impact of the selective two-child policy on residents’ fertility intentions in China

Quantifying the potential market for new contraceptive technologies: global projections of 2040 contraceptive needs and preferences

Fertility intentions of women living with HIV and their male partners during the perinatal period in rural South Africa

Patterns and Determinants of Gap between Fertility Intentions and Fertility Outcomes in Egypt

Research on the Choice between Fertility and Career Development under the Universal Two Child Policy during the Post-Industrial Erain China

Rural-Urban Migration, Childbearing Decision-Making, Fertility and Contraceptive Perspectives of Street Adolescents and Youth in Kampala, Uganda

How do fertility intentions lead to contraceptive continuation among a cohort of family planning users who received services from the private sector in Nigeria

Employment uncertainty and fertility intentions: Stability or resilience?

Three Dimensions of the Relationship between Gender Role Attitudes and Fertility Intentions

Childbearing intention and its associated factors: A systematic review

The role of partner influence in contraceptive adoption, discontinuation, and switching in a nationally representative cohort of Ugandan women

Fertility Intentions Within a 3-Year Time Frame: a Comparison Between Migrant and Native Italian Women

The Influence of Internet Usage Frequency on Women’s Fertility Intentions—The Mediating Effects of Gender Role Attitudes

Three dimensions of the relationship between gender role attitudes and fertility intentions

Gender Revolution in Kazakhstan? Implications for Fertility Intentions

The Effect of Air Pollution on Fertility Intentions

Factors Influencing Fertility Intentions of Newlyweds in South Korea: Focus on Demographics, Socioeconomics, Housing Situation, Residential Satisfaction, and Housing Expectation

When partners’ disagreement prevents childbearing: A couple-level analysis in Australia

Assessing Short-Term Fertility Intentions and Their Realisation Using the Generations and Gender Survey: Pitfalls and Challenges

The role of motherhood schemas and life transitions in reproductive intention formation.

Childbearing intentions among Egyptian men and women: The role of gender-equitable attitudes and women’s empowerment

Housing wealth, fertility intentions and fertility

HIV stigma, psychological distress and social support and their relationship to fertility intentions amongst HIV positive (HIV+) women

Immediate Postpartum Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: A Comparison Across Six Humanitarian Country Contexts

Does Parental Investment Shape Adult Children’s Fertility Intentions? Findings From a German Family Panel

Realisation of Fertility Intentions in Austria and Hungary: Are Capitals Different?

Which factors predict fertility intentions of married men and women? Results from the 2012 Niger Demographic and Health Survey

Fertility intentions for a second child among urban working women with one child in Hunan Province, China: a cross-sectional study.

Educational differentials in the realisation of fertility intentions: Is sub-Saharan Africa different?

Fertility intentions and the adoption of long-acting and permanent contraception (LAPM) among women: evidence from Western Kenya

Provider-Initiated Family Planning Within HIV Services in Malawi: Did Policy Make It Into Practice?

Childbearing intentions in a low fertility context: the case of Romania

The Illusion of Stable Preferences Over Major Life Decisions

Regional context and realization of fertility intentions: the role of the urban context

Women’s gender role attitudes and fertility intentions of having a second child: survey findings from Shaanxi Province of China

Partner congruence on fertility intentions and values: Implications for birth outcomes

“Every Newborn-INDEPTH” (EN-INDEPTH) study protocol for a randomised comparison of household survey modules for measuring stillbirths and neonatal deaths in five Health and Demographic Surveillance sites

Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003-2017 (Release 2019)

The Effect of Maternity Leave Expansions on Fertility Intentions: Evidence from Switzerland

A systematic review and meta-analysis of postpartum contraceptive use among women in low- and middle-income countries

Housework share and fertility preference in four East Asian countries in 2006 and 2012

The role of change in fertility desire on change in family planning use: A longitudinal investigation in urban Uttar Pradesh, India.

The role of change in fertility desire on change in family planning use: A longitudinal investigation in urban Uttar Pradesh, India

The Impact of Childcare on Poor Urban Women’s Economic Empowerment in Africa

Fertility intentions and maternal health behaviour during and after pregnancy

Fertility Intentions and Clinical Care Attendance Among Women Living with HIV in South Africa

Perceptions of pregnancy occurring among HIV-serodiscordant couples in Kenya

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Fertility Intentions 가임 의도

Fertility Intentions 가임 의도
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