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Prevalence of fertility discussions between young adult colorectal cancer survivors and their providers.

I wish I had known sooner: stratified reproduction as a consequence of disparities in infertility awareness, diagnosis, and management

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Functional ovarian reserve in transgender men receiving testosterone therapy: evidence for preserved anti-Müllerian hormone and antral follicle count under prolonged treatment.

Fertility preserving treatment for gynecologic malignancies: a review of recent literature.

How I perform fertility preservation in breast cancer patients

Effect of education on knowledge of fertility counseling and attitudes toward fertility control

The PREgnancy and FERtility (PREFER) Study Investigating the Need for Ovarian Function and/or Fertility Preservation Strategies in Premenopausal Women With Early Breast Cancer

Pregnancy, fertility concerns, and fertility preservation procedures in French breast cancer survivors in the FEERIC national study (on behalf of the Seintinelles research network).

Fertility and Breast Cancer

An Integrative Review of the Role of Nurses in Fertility Preservation for Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer.

[Steps following the histologically assured diagnosis of breast cancer].

Comparing the Gonadotoxicity of Multiple Breast Cancer Regimens: Important Understanding for Managing Breast Cancer in Pre-Menopausal Women

Affirming Pediatric Care for Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth.

Abstract GS3-09: Chances of pregnancy after breast cancer, reproductive and disease outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

A cohort study on factors impairing semen quality in transgender women.

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Clinical and demographical factors associated with fertility counseling in colorectal cancer.

Fertility and breast cancer: a literature review of counseling, preservation options and outcomes.

Marital Duration, and Fertility-Related Stress as Predictors of Quality of life: Gender Differences among Primary Infertile Couples

Ovarian Reserve after Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

P–440 Seven years’ experience using oocyte vitrification/warming from in vitro maturation or controlled ovarian hyperstimulation cycles to preserve fertility for oncologic indications

Motility of efferent duct cilia aids passage of sperm cells through the male reproductive system

Fertility preservation in childhood and adolescent female tumor survivors.

Karyotype is associated with timing of ovarian failure in women with Turner syndrome

Differences in Family Planning and Fertility Among Female and Male Gynecologic Oncologists

Understudied and Under‐Reported: Fertility Issues in Transgender Youth—A Narrative Review

Fertility‐related experiences after breast cancer diagnosis in the Sister and Two Sister Studies

Fertility counseling before cancer treatment and subsequent reproductive concerns among female adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

Patterns of Fertility Preservation and Pregnancy Outcome After Breast Cancer at a Large Comprehensive Cancer Center

Mature cystic teratoma arising from the fimbrial end of the left fallopian tube. a case report


Factors Affecting Fertility Decision-Making Among Transgender Adolescents and Young Adults.

SUN-266 Anti-Mullerian Hormone as a Marker of Ovarian Reserve in Female Pediatric Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Knowledge, Practice Behaviors, and Perceived Barriers to Fertility Care Among Providers of Transgender Healthcare.

Cancer Genetics: Risks and Mechanisms of Cancer in Women with Hereditary Predisposition to Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

ACOG Committee Opinion No. 773 Summary: The Use of Antimüllerian Hormone in Women Not Seeking Fertility Care.

International travel: A new guest in fertility counseling

Parent perceptions of psychosocial care for children with differences of sex development.

Use of fertility drugs in early‐onset female cancer survivors—A Finnish register‐based study on 8,929 survivors

The Effect of Counseling Based on Sexual Self-Concept via Social Networks on Smartphone in Infertile Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

ACOG Committee Opinion No. 773: The Use of Antimüllerian Hormone in Women Not Seeking Fertility Care.

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