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In-Memory Nearest Neighbor Search with FeFET Multi-Bit Content-Addressable Memories

Influence of Applied Stress on the Ferroelectricity of Thin Zr-Doped HfO2 Films

Computing-in-Memory Using Ferroelectrics: From Single-to Multi-Input Logic

Influence of microstructure on the variability and current percolation paths in ferroelectric hafnium oxide based neuromorphic FeFET synapses

Attention-in-Memory for Few-Shot Learning with Configurable Ferroelectric FET Arrays

Comparison of 2-T FeFET Nonvolatile Memory Cells: Gate Select vs. Drain Select

Current percolation path impacting switching behavior of ferroelectric FETs

Emerging Steep-Slope Devices and Circuits: Opportunities and Challenges

Reconfigurable Ferroelectric Transistor–Part II: Application in Low-Power Nonvolatile Memories

Accurate and Efficient Dynamic Simulations of Ferroelectric Based Electron Devices

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Ferroelectric Fets 강유전체 펫

Ferroelectric Fets 강유전체 펫
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