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Influence of Mold Material on the Mold Stability for Foundry Use

Effect of different types of Waste as Binder on Durability Properties of Geopolymer Concrete: A Review

Phase Composition and Physico-Mechanical Properties at Different Firing Temperatures of Ceramic Earthquake-Resistant Bricks with the Use of Ferro-Dust

Evaluation of Durability and Microstructural Properties of Geopolymer Concrete with Ferrochrome Slag as Coarse Aggregate

Foam glass derived from ferrochrome slag and waste container glass: Synthesis and extensive characterizations

Characteristics of ferrochrome slag aggregate and its uses as a green material in concrete – A review

Feasibility study of utilisation of ferrochrome slag as fine aggregate and rice husk ash as cement replacement for developing sustainable concrete

Production of Chemically Resistant Refractory Concrete Mixes from Metallurgical Waste and Their Physical and Chemical Properties

Properties of concrete with ferrochrome slag as a fine aggregate at elevated temperatures

Performance assessment of geopolymer concrete with partial replacement of ferrochrome slag as coarse aggregate

Valuable Utilization of Ferrochrome Slag for Wastewater Treatment

Multi-Analytical Characterization of Slags to Determine the Chromium Concentration for a Possible Re-Extraction

Improving the Performance of Ordinary Stone Column by Geotextile Encasement

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Ferrochrome Slag 페로크롬 슬래그

Ferrochrome Slag 페로크롬 슬래그
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