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Neuronal specific and non-specific responses to cadmium possibly involved in neurodegeneration: A toxicogenomics study in a human neuronal cell model.

Magnetically triggered transgene expression in mammalian cells by localized cellular heating of magnetic nanoparticles.

Transcriptional integration of the responses to iron availability in Arabidopsis by the bHLH factor ILR3.

A Frequent Mutation in the FTL Gene Causing Hyperferritinemia Cataract Syndrome in Turkish Population Is c.-160A>G

Stem Cell Modeling of Neuroferritinopathy Reveals Iron as a Determinant of Senescence and Ferroptosis during Neuronal Aging

MR molecular imaging of HCC employing a regulated ferritin gene carried by a modified polycation vector

Parenteral Iron Sucrose-Induced Renal Preconditioning: Differential Ferritin Heavy and Light Chain Expression in Plasma, Urine and Internal Organs.

Structure, Function, Folding, and Aggregation of a Neuroferritinopathy-Related Ferritin Variant.

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Ferritin Gene 페리틴 유전자

Ferritin Gene 페리틴 유전자
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