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The poor receive less: Remittance behaviour of female migrants in Myanmar

The Probabability Models for Risk of Vulnerability to STDs / HIV Infections among Pre-Marital Female Migrants

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Industrious migrants: gender and the earnings of migrants in Swedish manufacturing around 1900

Determinants of Human Capital Accumulation of Female Migrants in the Destination

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Je ne parle pas français—So what? The impact of language on skilled German migrant women’s employment in France

Youth migration and life course transitions: Comparing the impact of women’s mobility across generations in Bulgaria

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Many realities, one world: Dharavi, stranded migrants, and the lockdown in India

When the “Strong Arms” Leave the Farms—Migration, Gender Roles and Risk Reduction in Vietnam

Gender Differences in Nutritional Intake among Rural-Urban Migrants in China

Migrant health penalty: evidence of higher mortality risk among internal migrants in sub-Saharan Africa.

Caustic ingestions over 10 years in Victoria, Australia: High rates in migrants and women.

Migration, labor and women’s empowerment: Evidence from an agricultural value chain in Bangladesh

Anti-Immigration Propaganda in the Northern League and the Freedom Party of Austria

Access to Healthcare for Migrant Patients in Europe: Healthcare Discrimination and Translation Services

Shan Migrant Sex Workers Living with HIV Who Remain Active in Sexual Entertainment Venues in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Social Network Correlates of Mental Health among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China

Sociodemographic Disparities in the Establishment of Health Records Among 0.5 Million Migrants From 2014 to 2017 in China: a Nationwide Cross-sectional Study

Exploring the Role of Cognition in the Annual Fall Migration of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)

Network explanations of the gender gap in migrants’ employment patterns: Use of online and offline networks in the Netherlands

Determine the regions of outmigration in North-East India: a cross-sectional analysis

Social Media and Female Empowerment in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah

The gender gap in the biological living standard in Spain. A study based on the heights of an elite migration to Mexico, 1840-1930.

Perceiving (non)standardness and the indexicality of new immigrant Cantonese in Hong Kong

Considering the Role of Money and Gifts in the (Re)-construction of Motherhood and Family Among Indonesian Transnational Female Domestic Workers

¿Pourquoi tu te mets là comme ça? Migrantes congoleñas y prácticas de haciendo-lugar en São Paulo

‘A Woman to Warm My Heart’: Low-Wage Mainland Chinese Migrant Men, Thrift and Desires for Intimacy in Singapore

Refugees’ Self-Selection into Europe: Who Migrates Where?

Gender, transnational female migration and domestic work in Greece: An intersectional review of research on female migrants’ access to labour, healthcare and community associations

Media and Construction of Difference: How Media Representations Work to Criminalize, Label, and Induce Border-Restrictions against Young African Female Migrants in Europe

On the Shoulders of Grandmothers: Gender, Migration, and Post-Soviet Nation-State Building

Silvia Pellicer-Ortín, Julia Tofantšuk (eds.), Women on the Move. Body, Memory and Femininity in Present-Day Transnational Diasporic Writing.

Mortality advantage among migrants according to duration of stay in France, 2004–2014


Migration, Labor Mobility and Household Poverty in Nigeria: A Gender Analysis

Thanks Dad: New Evidence on Son Preference among Immigrant Households in the U.S.

Gender, Parenthood and Feelings of Safety in Greek Refugee Centres

Migration, Integration und Isolation. Zielgruppenspezifische Fallanalyse der Lebensbereiche Familie, Bildung und Beruf weiblicher Migrantinnen in Tirol

Prácticas de alimentación y salud entre trabajadores agrícolas migrantes en Miguel Alemán, Sonora, México.

Fashioning the Female Muslim Face: From ‘Hiding One’s Beauty’ to ‘Managing One’s Beauty’

Refugees’ Self-Selection into Europe: Who Migrates Where?

Gendered Patterns of Remitting and Saving among Mexican Families with U.S. Migration Experience

Antidepressant medication use among working age first-generation migrants resident in Finland: an administrative data linkage study

In the bullseye of vigilantes: Mediated vulnerabilities of kyrgyz labour migrants in Russia

Causes of Urban Migration in Bangladesh: Evidence from the Urban Health Survey

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Female Migrants 여성 이민자

Female Migrants 여성 이민자
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