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Influence of electrode feed directions on EDM machining efficiency of deep narrow slots

Compilation of Program Loading Spectrum for CNC Lathe’s Feed System Based on Two-dimensional Kernel Function

Surface Integrity of Ultrasonically-Assisted Milled Ti6Al4V Alloy Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

High efficiency calculation of cutter-workpiece engagement in five-axis milling using distance fields and envelope theory

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Towards understanding the machining mechanism of the atomic force microscopy tip-based nanomilling process

Analysis of the Dynamic Stability of Ball-End Milling of AISI D6 Hardened Steel

Enhancement of cutting force observer by identification of position and force-amplitude dependent model parameters

Improved stable conditions in robotic milling by kinematic redundancy

Finite element simulation and experimental investigation on cutting mechanism in vibration-assisted micro-milling

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Feed Directions 피드 방향

Feed Directions 피드 방향
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