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Fat Replacer sentence examples within microparticulated whey protein

Microstructure and Physicochemical Properties of Light Ice Cream: Effects of Extruded Microparticulated Whey Proteins and Process Design

Effect of temperature and composition on rheological behaviour and sagging capacity of glaze materials for foods

Fat Replacer sentence examples within water holding capacity

Quality properties and storage stability of beef burger as influenced by addition of orange peels (albedo)

The technological and nutritional advantages of emulsified sausages with partial back-fat replacement by succinylated chicken liver protein and pre-emulsified sunflower oil

Fat Replacer sentence examples within low fat yogurt

Utilization of thermal-denatured whey protein isolate-milk fat emulsion gel microparticles as stabilizers and fat replacers in low-fat yogurt

Non-Fat Yogurt Fortified with Whey Protein Isolate: Physicochemical, Rheological, and Microstructural Properties

Fat Replacer sentence examples within fatty acid profile

Seed wastes and byproducts: reformulation of meat products

Effect of Cooking Oil on the Fatty Acid Profile of Beef Sausage Fortified with Edible Deboned Meat Waste

Fat Replacer sentence examples within mg kg 1

Fucus vesiculosus extracts as natural antioxidants for improvement of physicochemical properties and shelf life of pork patties formulated with oleogels.

Fat Replacer sentence examples within % fat reduced

Cornstarch nanocrystals as a potential fat replacer in reduced fat O/W emulsions: A rheological and physical study

Fat Replacer sentence examples within low fat beef

Incorporation of Low Molecular Weight Chitosan in a Low-Fat Beef Burger: Assessment of Technological Quality and Oxidative Stability

Fat Replacer sentence examples within low fat ice

The Effect of Cold Press Chia Seed Oil By-Products on the Rheological, Microstructural, Thermal, and Sensory Properties of Low-Fat Ice Cream

Fat Replacer sentence examples within fat ice cream

Inulin application on the optimization of reduced-fat ice cream using response surface methodology

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Animal Fat Replacer

Incorporation of Trigonella Foenum-Graecum seed powder in meat emulsion systems with olive oil: effects on physicochemical, texture, and color characteristics

Inulin gelled emulsion as a fat replacer and fiber carrier in healthier Bologna sausage.

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Partial Fat Replacer

Addition of buttermilk powder to yogurt: effects on particle size, microstructure and texture

Quality properties and storage stability of beef burger as influenced by addition of orange peels (albedo)

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Pork Fat Replacer

Effects of konjac gel with vegetable powders as fat replacers in frankfurter-type sausage

Technological and sensory characteristics of hamburgers added with chia seed as fat replacer

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Novel Fat Replacer

Evaluating high pressure-treated corn and waxy corn starches as novel fat replacers in model low-fat O/W emulsions: A physical and rheological study.

Response Surface Optimization of Reduced Fat o/w Emulsions Formulated with Cornstarch Nanocrystal as a Novel Fat Replacer

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Potential Fat Replacer

Sensory, Tribological, and Rheological Profiling of “Clean Label” Starch–Lipid Complexes as Fat Replacers

Effect of partial replacement of fat with added water and tragacanth gum (Astragalus gossypinus and Astragalus compactus) on the physicochemical, texture, oxidative stability, and sensory property of reduced fat emulsion type sausage.

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Gelled Fat Replacer

Canola and olive oil gelled emulsions as pork fat replacers in beef burgers

Improving Lipid Content in Muscle-Based Food: New Strategies for Developing Fat Replacers Based on Gelling Processes Using Healthy Edible Oils

Fat Replacer sentence examples within Saturated Fat Replacer

Fat substitutes based on bovine blood plasma and flaxseed oil as functional ingredients

pH and protein to polysaccharide ratio control the structural properties and viscoelastic network of HIPE-templated biopolymeric oleogels

Advances and prospects in the food applications of pectin hydrogels.

Future trends of processed meat products concerning perceived healthiness: A review.

Tailoring the Structure of Lipids, Oleogels and Fat Replacers by Different Approaches for Solving the Trans-Fat Issue—A Review

Current Progress in the Utilization of Soy-Based Emulsifiers in Food Applications—A Review

Formation and characterization of starch-based spherulite: Effect of molecular weight of potato amylose starch.

Development of an Antioxidative Pickering Emulsion Gel through Polyphenol-Inspired Free-Radical Grafting of Microcrystalline Cellulose for 3D Food Printing.

Advancements in functionality and quality characteristic of yoghurt- a fermented dairy product: a review

Development of Meat Products with Healthier Lipid Content: Vibrational Spectroscopy

Applications of nanocellulosic products in food: Manufacturing processes, structural features and multifaceted functionalities

Partially defatted tomato seed flour as a fat replacer: effect on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of millet-based cookies

Functionality and consumer acceptability of low-fat breakfast sausages processed with non meat ingredients of pulse derivatives.

The Effects of Hydrocolloids-Protein Mixture as a Fat Replacer on Physicochemical Characteristics of Sugar-Free Muffin Cake: Modeling and Optimization

Different Maturities and Varieties of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) Flesh as Fat Replacers in Reduced-Fat Meatballs

Utilization of wheat germ oil and wheat bran fiber as fat replacer for the development of low‐fat beef patties

Investigation of the Physicochemical, Organoleptic and Dietary Properties of Trout Fermented Sausages through Probiotic Strains and Fat Replacer

Microstructure and meltdown properties of low-fat ice cream: Effects of microparticulated soy protein hydrolysate/xanthan gum (MSPH/XG) ratio and freezing time

Seed gum of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) as a halal hydrocolloid affects technological and organoleptic properties of probiotic low-fat yogurt

Investigation of Tomato, Quince and Grapefruit Waste; Compositions and Functional Properties

Dairy products with prebiotics: An overview of the health benefits, technological and sensory properties

Fructans (agavins) from Agave angustifolia and Agave potatorum as fat replacement in yogurt: Effects on physicochemical, rheological, and sensory properties

Cold-set or hot-set emulsion gels consisted of a healthy oil blend to replace beef fat in heat-treated fermented sausages.

Production of reduced-fat white cheese powder: The effects of fat reduction and microparticulated protein usage on the characteristics of the cheese powder during storage

Food Additives and Hypersensitivity: A Review

Olive oil-in-water emulsion as a source of desirable fatty acids in free-range “Caipira” chicken ham

Recent approaches for the quantitative analysis of functional oligosaccharides used in the food industry: A review.

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Oral tribology of polysaccharides

Alginate-based emulsion micro-gel particles produced by an external/internal O/W/O emulsion-gelation method: Formation, suspension rheology, digestion, and application to gel-in-gel beads

Structure and Properties of Octenyl Succinic Anhydride-Modified High-Amylose Japonica Rice Starches

Digestibility of polymerized whey protein using in vitro digestion model and antioxidative property of its hydrolysate


Gels as fat replacers in bakery products: a review.

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خواص حسی و بافتی مایونز کمچرب تهیهشده با نشاستۀ ذرت ژلاتینهشده و صمغ فارسی

Green banana biomass: Physicochemical and functional properties and its potential as a fat replacer in a chicken mortadella

Review on the Stability Mechanism and Application of Water-in-Oil Emulsions Encapsulating Various Additives.

Production of low-fat white soft cheese using sodium caseinate and / or butter milk powder as a fat replacer

Effects of polymerized whey protein prepared directly from cheese whey as fat replacer on physiochemical, texture, microstructure and sensory properties of low-fat set yogurt

Application and functions of fat replacers in low-fat ice cream: A review