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Experimental Study on Lateral Bearing Mechanical Characteristics and Damage Numerical Simulation of Micropile

Shear strength and cracking mechanism of precast bridge columns with grouted sleeve connections

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Automatic Generation and Parameter Verification of Large-scale EMT Simulation Models Based on TSP Projects

Flexural behaviour and design of modular construction optimised beams

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Preclinical Feasibility and Patency Analyses of a New Distal Coronary Connector: The ELANA Heart Bypass

Brain Computer Interface for the Hand Function Restoration

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Experimental and numerical investigation of a proposed monolithic-like precast concrete column-foundation connection

Modular composite building in urgent emergency engineering projects: A case study of accelerated design and construction of Wuhan Leishenshan/Leishenshan hospital to COVID-19 pandemic

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Effect of curing age on pullout behavior of aligned and inclined steel fibers embedded in UHPFRC

Full-scale experimental testing of Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIPs)

Technologies for building systems of remote lining of communication lines: a practical example of implementation

The performance of fiber GGBS based alkali-activated concrete

Saliency Features for 3D CAD-Data in the Context of Sampling-Based Motion Planning

Solutions for reinforcing steel structures of industrial plants without using welded bonding

Low power, low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma-induced polymerization: facile synthesis and crystal regulation of covalent organic frameworks.

Description and Validation of an Innovative and Effective Hand-Shaped Suture-Training Model for Medical Students.

Impact of Glass Window to Heat Load in Office Building in Different Climates

Structural Behavior of Hollow-core One Way Slabs of High Strength Self-compacting Concrete

Scalable adaptive PDE solvers in arbitrary domains

Research review on the Key Technology of Preventive Maintenance: The Durability of 4.75mm NMAS Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA-5) Ultra-thin Overlay

Performance Test and Stability Analysis of Jute Ecological Bag on Subgrade Slope

Lightweight and slender timber-concrete composite floors made of CLT-HPC and CLT-UHPC with ductile notch connectors

Seismic performance of ATLS modular house based on joint stiffness analysis

Experimental study of the load-deformation behaviour of the precast post-tensioned continuous girder for straddle monorail: Full-scale load test under service and ultimate loading conditions

A critical analysis of benefits and challenges of implementing modular integrated construction

Optimal Design and Numerical Analysis of Soil Slope Reinforcement by a New Developed Polymer Micro Anti-slide Pile

Research and application of micropile technology on expansive soil and saline soil in geotechnical engineering

FEM analyses on beam-to-column connection for a thin-walled cold-formed steel frame

One-step synthesis of mesoporous Cobalt sulfides (CoSx) on the metal substrate as an efficient bifunctional electrode for overall water splitting

Research on Solar Power Generation Disaster Relief Tent Based on Inflatable Structure

Large-scale inference of competing endogenous RNA networks with sparse partial correlation

Boolean Minimization of Projected Sums of Products via Boolean Relations

Simulation of Sequential Construction of Embankments on Reinforced Soft Clay Foundation

Design and construction application of concrete canvas for slope protection

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Multiple Modular Building Construction Project Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithms

Elastic behaviour of a tapered steel-concrete composite beam optimized for reuse

Organocatalytic Double Ugi Reaction with Statistical Amplification of Product Enantiopurity: A Linker Cleavage Approach To Access Highly Enantiopure Ugi Products.

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Fire Risk Analysis of Air-supported Membrane Structure Coal Storage Shed

Development and Application of Mechanized Matching Equipment for High-Speed Railway Tunnel Construction

Multi-agent simulation for managing design changes in prefabricated construction projects

Deep Fluids: A Generative Network for Parameterized Fluid Simulations

Numerical Two-Dimensional Steady-State Evaluation of the Thermal Transmittance Reduction in Hollow Blocks

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Fast Construction 빠른 건설

Fast Construction 빠른 건설
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