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Relações duradouras para além de fronteiras: jovens filipinos migrantes na Europa e seus cuidadores que permaneceram nas Filipinas

Anti-immigrant rhetoric as an element of public life in Austria – selected aspects

Family Reunification sentence examples within Achieve Family Reunification

Locating Forced Migrants’ Resources: Residency Status and the Process of Family Reunification in Finland

Experiencia de la aplicacion del protocolo de evaluación de buenas prácticas en parentalidad positiva en el programa de acogimiento residencial de menores gestionado por la entidad Mensajeros de la Paz- Canarias

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification proces

Anti-immigrant rhetoric as an element of public life in Austria – selected aspects

Bodies at Work, Work on Bodies: Migrant Bodies, Wage Labour, and Family Reunification in Italy

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Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification policy

Family strategies in refugee journeys to Europe

Tourist brides and migrant grooms: Cuban–Danish couples and family reunification policies

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification decision

...In Between...

Ajan vääjäämätön kuluminen

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification provision

“Enchanted with Europe”: Family Migration and European Law on Labour-Market Integration

Identifying Member States’ Interests

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification right

Relu Adrian Coman and Others v. Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrări and Ministerul Afacerilor Interne (C.J.E.U.)

The EU Top Court Rules that Married Same-Sex Couples Can Move Freely Between EU Member States as “Spouses”: Case C-673/16, Relu Adrian Coman, Robert Clabourn Hamilton, Asociaţia Accept v Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrări, Ministerul Afacerilor Interne

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification visa

The social impacts of family separation on refugee settlement and inclusion in Australia: Executive Summary

The social impacts of family separation on refugee settlement and inclusion in Australia

Family Reunification sentence examples within family reunification program

Building the Sierra Leone Ebola Database: organization and characteristics of data systematically collected during 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic.

Findings the graves: SLED Family Reunification Program: SLED Family Reunification Program.

Part V The Scope of Refugee Protection, Ch.41 Refugee Children

Muslim Immigration to France in the 20th Century: Causes, Cycles, Problems

A Bride Run Free Movement of People in the EU, the Fundamental Right to Family, Family Reunification, and the Case of Denmark

An Introduction to Danish Immigration Law

Community-based Trauma-informed Care following Immigrant Family Reunification: A Narrative Review.

War Captives, Left-Behind Wives, and Buddhist Nuns: Female Migrants in Early Medieval China (4th–6th Century CE)

Same Origins, Different Destinies: New Migrants vs Descendants of Migrants

Permanency in Child Welfare Practice

Reconceptualizing family reunification from a youth mobilities perspective: transnational youth between Ghana and Belgium

The Right to Family Reunification of Children Seeking International Protection under the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Misplaced Reliance on Travaux?

Asia-Europe intimate links: Family migrants, binational couples and mixed-parentage children

Does Care Count for Less? Tracing the Income Trajectories of Low Status Female Immigrant Workers in Canada, 1993–2015

Environmental Change and Migration in Morocco: What Has Been Done So Far?

How Environmental Changes Result in Migration Aspirations and Other Adaptation Strategies of Moroccan Inhabitants and Migrants in Belgium

Waiting for family reunification and the risk of mental disorders among refugee fathers: a 24-year longitudinal cohort study from Denmark

Russophone immigration to Finland: new forms, trends, and consequences

Queer(y)ing Resettlement in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Inquiry into Family Reunification Pathway Reform for Former Refugees


The global visa cost divide: How and why the price for travel permits varies worldwide

Connecting the Dots Backwards, What Did Ruiz Zambrano Mean for EU Citizenship and Fundamental Rights in EU Law?

Part VI Refugee Rights and Realities, Ch.55 The Right to Family Reunification

Overcoming barriers to mental health care: multimodal trauma-focused treatment approach for unaccompanied refugee minors

Governing belonging through attachment: marriage migration and transnational adoption in Denmark

Influences of origin and destination on migrant fertility in Europe

COVID-19 and International Freedom of Movement: a Stranded Human Right?

The memory of migration: in-depth interview with immigrant adolescents from the moldovan diaspora in Italy

From irregular immigrants to naturalised citizens: Indian immigration and immigration policies in Spain, 1985–2018

Linked Lives, Dividing Borders: From Transnational Solidarity to Family Reunification of an Older Parent

Why Are Newcomers so Happy? Subjective Well-Being of First-Generation Immigrants in Germany

Infectious Diseases Among Migrant Populations

Satisfaction with maternity care among recent migrants: an interview questionnaire-based study

Der Familiennachzug zu Drittstaatsangehörigen

1997-2017 : An assessment of two decades of immigration in Belgium


Tensions and contradictions in family court innovation with high risk parents: The place of family drug treatment courts in contemporary family justice.

Migrant Domestic Workers and the Right to a Private and Family Life

Familization of rural–urban migration in China: evidence from the 2011 and 2015 national floating population surveys

Civic stratification within cross-border families: Mainland Chinese children and wives in Hong Kong

Do Asylum-Seekers Respond to Policy Changes? Evidence from the Swedish-Syrian Case

Ecological Engagement in Studying Adolescents Undergoing the Process of Family Reunification

Solidarity in Europe and the Role of Immigration Policies: A Discourse Theoretical Perspective

Multicultural Settings and School Psychological Services—a Norwegian Experience with Developing Competency in Multicultural Counseling

Putting Americans First: A Statistical Case for Encouraging Rather than Impeding and Devaluing US Citizenship

The Alien Child’s Best Interest Ignored: When Notions of Gendered Parenthood Meet Tightening Immigration Policies

On the Shoulders of Grandmothers: Gender, Migration, and Post-Soviet Nation-State Building

Family Life and Immigration - Developments in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union

Self-Initiated Expatriates and Their Legal Rights in Finland: Incentives and Obstacles to Recruitment and Retention

Developments in family reunification cases before the CJEU

Migrant domestic workers and the right to a private and family life

Uneven Influence: Why Female Representation Affects Some Migration Policies but not Others

Sesgos en la evaluación del llanto infantil en la negligencia materna: el papel de la alexitimia

¿Cómo podemos identificar un “matrimonio de conveniencia” en España?

Permanent Care Orders in Victoria: A Thematic Analysis of Implementation Issues

Tailoring disaster risk reduction for adolescents: Qualitative perspectives from China and Nepal

Factors Influencing the Health and Safety of Temporary Foreign Workers in Skilled and Low-Skilled Occupations in Canada

Refugees’ Right to Family Unity in Belgium and the Netherlands: ‘Life is Nothing without Family’

Together or apart? Spousal migration and reunification practices of recent refugees to Germany:

Integration of beneficiaries of international protection in the Lithuanian labour market: policies and practices

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