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Family Processes sentence examples within Dysfunctional Family Processes

Dysfunctional family functioning in high socioeconomic status families as a risk factor for the development of psychiatric disorders in adoptees: the Finnish Adoptive Family Study of Schizophrenia


Family Processes sentence examples within Examined Family Processes

Latent Profiles of Residential Stepfamily Relationship Quality and Family Stability

Parenting, coparenting, and adolescent adjustment in African American single-mother families: An actor-partner interdependence mediation model.

Family Processes sentence examples within Interrupted Family Processes


Nurses’ application of the components of family nursing conversations in home health care: a qualitative content analysis

Family Processes sentence examples within Considering Family Processes

Longitudinal associations between coparenting and child adjustment among lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adoptive parent families.

Linking Parents’ Self-Stigma to the Adjustment of Children With Disabilities

Family Processes sentence examples within Different Family Processes

Parent-Child Role Confusion: Exploring the Role of Family Processes in the Context of Parental Depression.

Influence of Family Processes on Internet Addiction Among Late Adolescents in Hong Kong

Family Processes sentence examples within Complex Family Processes

The caregiver identity in context: Consequences and patterns of identity threat from siblings

Parental appearance teasing in adolescence and associations with eating problems: a systematic review

Family Processes sentence examples within Dynamic Family Processes

Survey Research With Families in the Context of Pediatric Chronic Health Conditions: Key Considerations and Future Directions

Dyadic Affective Flexibility: Measurement Considerations and the Impact of Youth Internalizing Symptoms on Flexibility

Family Processes sentence examples within Positive Family Processes

The relationship between family processes and school absenteeism and dropout: a meta-analysis

Family Processes, Parenting Practices, and Psychosocial Maturity of Chinese Youths: A Latent Variable Interaction and Mediation Analysis

Family Processes sentence examples within family processes associated

The Role of the Family in Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery for Adults


Family Processes sentence examples within family processes related

Parent values, civic participation, and children’s volunteering

Self-Esteem, Problem Solving, and Family Coping Responses: Determinants and Consequences for Black Women.

Family Processes sentence examples within family processes influence

Uncovering Family Treatment Decision-Making Processes: The Value and Application of Case Study Methods to Family Research

The Moderating Effect of Parenting on Adaptation of Children with Leukemia

Family Processes sentence examples within family processes underlying

Children’s Negative Emotionality, Mothers’ Depression, and Parental Warmth in Predicting Children’s School Readiness in Low-Income Korean Families: The Role of Fathers’ Positive Involvement

Parental awareness of sibling adjustment: Perspectives of parents and siblings of children with cancer.

Dynamic associations among socioeconomic status (SES), parenting investments, and conscientiousness across time and generations.

COVID‐19, systems thinking and the ecology of disease: A focus on the family

Protective parenting behavior buffers the impact of racial discrimination on depression among Black youth.

Determinantes del desempeño gerencial: Instituciones de Educación Superior del departamento Atlántico-Colombia frente al Covid-19

An Exploratory Model of Family Resilience Processes and Functioning: A Cultural Perspective of the Semai Indigenous Communities in Perak, Malaysia

Families in confinement: A pre–post COVID-19 study.

Special section on personality development: Testing environmental and genetic associations across generations.

Family resilience and protective factors promote flourishing and school engagement among US children amid developmental disorder and adverse psychosocial exposure

Family Income Level, Variability, and Trend as Predictors of Child Achievement and Behavior.

Family-Based Obesity Prevention Interventions among Hispanic Children and Families: A Scoping Review

The first family formation among young Americans: the role of family process


Family Functioning in Families of Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders: The Role of Parenting Alliance

Paternal Influence on the Developmental Pathways of Maternal Parenting Stress, Home Learning Stimulation, and Children’s Social Skills in the U.S. and Korea: A Moderated Mediation Model1

Risk and Protective Pathways to Peer Victimization from Infancy to Adolescence: Role of Fathers

Links Between School and Home: Associations Between Adolescent School Day Experiences and Maternal Perceptions of Family Relations

Prevention programmes for children of parents with a mood/anxiety disorder: Systematic review of existing programmes and meta‐analysis of their efficacy

Family Processes and Child Psychopathology: A Between- and Within-Family/Child Analysis

Affective and Autonomic Reactivity During Parent-Child Interactions in Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers and Their Adolescent Offspring.

Fussy eating behaviours: Response patterns in families of school-aged children

Youth Growing Up in Families Experiencing Parental Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness: A High-Risk Population.

Neighborhood Through a Familial Lens: Examining the Intergenerational Transmission of Collective Efficacy

Keeping secrets from parents: on galloping horses, prancing ponies and pink unicorns.

Family Functioning and Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: Disentangling between-, and Within-Family Associations

Does violence beget violence? The role of family ethnic socialization and intergroup bias among youth in a setting of protracted intergroup conflict

Cooperative, Compromising, Conflictual, and Uninvolved Coparenting Among Teenaged Parents

Household Member Arrest and Adolescent Substance Use: The Mediating Roles of Parenting and Youth Psychological Distress

The Relationship Between Perceived Psychological Control Self-Regulation Skills and Academic Motivations of Adolescents

The relationship between internal stigmatization level and marital compliance in married women patients with bipolar disorder

Parental Socialization and Development of Chinese Youths: A Multivariate and Comparative Approach

Symptom Profiles of CD and ODD Among Youth With Perinatally Acquired HIV.

Farm Families and Bovine Tuberculosis

Maternal and Family Processes in Different Subgroups of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Family Socialization and Chinese Youth Children’s Development: Does psychosocial Maturity Matter?

Do Profiles of Adolescent Temperament Differ on Family Processes and Adult Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms?

The living arrangements of Moroccans in Spain: Generation and time

Demographic Catastrophes as a Factor of Transformation of the Peasant Family in Russia in the First Half of the 20th Century

Family Structure, Kinship, and Life Course Transitions: Social Science Explorations of the Mishnah

Honrar la complejidad de las parejas ensambladas. Un mapa comprensivo y una propuesta terapéutica

A cross-national study of the influence of parental education on intention to vote in early adolescence: the roles of adolescents’ educational expectations and political socialization at home

Family processes and duration of untreated psychosis among US Latinos