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How does Paradoxical Leadership Improve Employees’ Work-Family Balance?

Positive Psychology in Context of Peacekeeping Militaries: A Mediation Model of Work-Family Enrichment

Linking proactivity to work–family enrichment: a moderated mediation model

Daily Challenge/Hindrance Demands and Cognitive Wellbeing: A Multilevel Moderated Mediation Model

The Correlation between Social Support and Work-Family Enrichment with Psychological Well-Being among Married Nurses

The effect of optimism on the work-family interface and psychological health of Indian police

The influence mechanism of job crafting on work-family enrichment: Modeling positive emotion as a mediator

Just like me: Effects of value congruence on work-family enrichment

Work-Life Programs and Employment Continuity in a Single Organization: Understanding from Whole-Life Approach to Career Development

How work and family caregiving responsibilities interplay and affect registered dietitian nutritionists and their work: A national survey

Informal learning, work engagement and their effects on work-family enrichment

Servant leadership and work-family enrichment among hotel employees in Russia

Factors associated with work‐family enrichment among Chinese nurses assisting Wuhan’s fight against the 2019 COVID‐19 pandemic

The Impact of Work–Family Enrichment on Subjective Career Success through Job Engagement: A Case of Banking Sector

Why do you treat me in such ways? An attachment examination on supervisors’ early family environment and subordinates’ responses

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A Job Demand–Resource Model of Satisfaction With Work–Family Balance Among Academic Faculty: Mediating Roles of Psychological Capital, Work-to-Family Conflict, and Enrichment

Examining the mediating role of work-family balance in the core self-evaluations – organizational performance relationship: a multilevel study

The Relationship between Workaholism and Workplace Incompatibility: The Role of Family-Work Enrichment and Gender

Work and life in the sport industry - A comparison of work-life interface experiences among athletic employees. A Review.

Is it ok to be connected outside the office? The impact on well-being at work and the mediating role of the work and family relationship

Female Managers’ Experiences of Work-family Enrichment Realization: A Grounded Theory Study

Effects of sexual harassment on work–family enrichment: the roles of organization-based self-esteem and Polychronicity

Gaining affective resources for work-family enrichment: A multisource experience sampling study of micro-role transitions

A Review of Work-Family Enrichment Research

Longitudinal Stability of Work–Family Enrichment and its Association With Well-Being and Personality Traits

Employee–Spouse Perceptual Congruence in Employee Work-to-Family Enrichment Affects Family and Work Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Relationship Conflict

Experiencing work–family enrichment as a separated parent in Australia

Investigating the Relationship between Work-family Enrichment and Psychological Well-being: The Mediating Role of Meaningful Work.

Living a Calling and Work–Family Interface: A Latent Profile Analysis

A Multilevel Investigation of the Effects of Daily Work–Family Interaction on Daily Affect During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leader Humor Extends beyond Work: how and when Followers Have Better Family Lives

Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

General mental ability, conscientiousness, and the work–family interface: A test of mediating pathways

Boundary integration and innovative work behavior among nursing staff

Revisando el constructo articulación trabajo-familia: entre el conflicto y el enriquecimiento:

Effects of authentic leadership on work–family balance in China

Individual, organizational and social level antecedents of work-family enrichment: Does gender acts as a moderator?

Eudaimonia and Hedonia Through Enrichment: Pathways to Happiness

Caraterísticas do trabalho e relação trabalho-família:: Um estudo de caso no setor da saúde

Direct and indirect effects of work‒family enrichment: role of gender role ideology

Boundary integration, work/family enrichment and life satisfaction among female nursing staff

How does family support facilitate job satisfaction? Investigating the chain mediating effects of work-family enrichment and job-related well-being.

Exploring the differential impact of work passion on life satisfaction and job performance via the work- family interface

Linking resources to career satisfaction through work–family enrichment

Women’s Wellbeing at Work: Their Experience of Work-Family Enrichment and Subjective Career Success

Work-Family Enrichment dan Work Engagement pada Karyawan yang Sudah Menikah

Do boundary preferences, work-family self-efficacy and proactive personality predict job satisfaction? The mediating role of work-family enrichment

Job Autonomy and Turnover Intention among Social Workers in China: Roles of Work-to-family Enrichment, Job Satisfaction and Type of Sector

Maternal Work–Family Experiences: Longitudinal Influences on Child Mental Health through Inter-Parental Conflict

Learning culture in a Chinese SME: the unique role of work-family enrichment

How work–family enrichment influence innovative work behavior: Role of psychological capital and supervisory support

Cross-National Examination of Work-Family in Parents of Children with Disabilities Using a Bioecological Model

Exploring the moderating role of core self-evaluation in the relationship between demands and work-family enrichment

The Effects of Work-Family Enrichment on Job and Life Satisfaction of Korean Employees

The influence of hierarchical organizational culture, supportive environment and sexual harassment on Korean women’s work-to-family enrichment

Workplace telepressure and work-life balance outcomes: The role of work recovery experiences.

Exploring the moderating effect of susceptibility to emotional contagion in the crossover of work–family conflict in supervisor–subordinate dyads in India

Linking Work–Family Enrichment to Job Satisfaction through Job Well-Being and Family Support: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of Social Workers across India

Measuring School–Family Conflict and Enrichment in University Student Parents: A Measurement Validation Study

High-Performance Work Systems and Well-Being: Mediating Role of Work-to-Family Interface

Relationship between Flexible Working Arrangements and Job Satisfaction Mediated by Work-Life Balance: Evidence from Public Sector Universities Employees of Pakistan

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