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Looking beyond the individual: How family demands and capabilities affect family adjustment following pediatric solid organ transplant.

Caring for a Child with Phenylketonuria: Parental Experiences from a Eurasian Country.

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[Practice of parenting and related factors on children aged 0-5 in the urban areas of China].

Feasibility study of a preventive parenting program with mothers of children born preterm

Positively Impacting Maternal Stress and Parental Adjustment through Community-Based Relationship Education (RE)

Aproximación al proceso migratorio de las familias venezolanas al área metropolitana del valle de aburrá, colombia: motivaciones, dinámicas familiares y relaciones de género

A mixed methods inquiry of caregivers of U.S. veterans with sustained “invisible” injuries from Iraq/Afghanistan

Communication in families with minor children following the loss of a parent to cancer.

A Qualitative Study on the Transition Support Needs of Indigenous Australians following Traumatic Brain Injury

‘I’ve got to row the boat on my own, more or less’: aboriginal australian experiences of traumatic brain injury

Socialization and Development of Refugee Children: Chances of Childcare

“We are in this together”: Experiences of relationship satisfaction in couples raising a child with autism spectrum disorder

Combat Experience and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Military-Serving Parents: a Meta-Analytic Examination of Associated Offspring and Family Outcomes

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Family Adjustment 가족 조정

Family Adjustment 가족 조정
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