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Fabric Structure sentence examples within Woven Fabric Structure

Evolution of 3D weaving and 3D woven fabric structures

Green Synthesis of Cellulosic Nanofiber in Enset Woven Fabric Structures via Enzyme Treatment and Mechanical Hammering

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Different Fabric Structure

Prediction of Fabric porosity from Yarn Diameter and effect of different spinning techniques and process on porosity

Bioinspired foam composites resembling pomelo peel: Structural design and compressive, bursting and cushioning properties

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Tensile Fabric Structure

Time history analysis of a tensile fabric structuresubjected to different seismic recordings

Response of a Double Hypar Fabric Structure Under Varying Wind Speed Using Fluid-Structure Interaction

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Internal Fabric Structure

A novel multiscale modeling strategy of the low-velocity impact behavior of plain woven composites

Segmentation of computed tomography images and high-precision reconstruction of rubber composite structure based on deep learning

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Layer Fabric Structure

Project Tasca: Enabling Touch and Contextual Interactions with a Pocket-based Textile Sensor

Design and electromechanical properties of three-layer fabric-based pressure sensor

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Real Fabric Structure

A review of multi-scale numerical modeling of three-dimensional woven fabric

Models for basic warp knitted fabrics Part III: the two guide bar fabrics (Double Tricot, Locknit, Reverse Locknit, Satin, Sharkskin)

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Textile Fabric Structure

Influence of washing on the adhesion between 3D-printed TPU and woven fabrics

Chitosan/reduced graphene oxide-modified spacer fabric as a salt-resistant solar absorber for efficient solar steam generation

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Variou Fabric Structure

Effect of carrier configuration on the 3D four-directional and full five-directional rotary braided fabric structures

Advances in fabric structures for wound care

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Urban Fabric Structure

Urban Land Mapping Based on Remote Sensing Time Series in the Google Earth Engine Platform: A Case Study of the Teresina-Timon Conurbation Area in Brazil

Review of studies on outdoor thermal comfort in warm humid climates: challenges of informal urban fabric

Fabric Structure sentence examples within Knitted Fabric Structure

Compositional and Structural Influence on Some Weft-Knitted Fabrics Comprised of Cotton and Lyocell Yarn

Modeling and realization for appearance visualization of Textronic laces

Fabric Structure sentence examples within fabric structure parameter

A multi-task and multi-scale convolutional neural network for automatic recognition of woven fabric pattern

Low-Velocity Impact Properties of Polyurethane Composites Reinforced with Warp-Knit Spacer Fabric

Investigation of impact performance of 3-dimensional interlock polymer fabrics in double and multi-angle pass stabbing

Textile Triboelectric Nanogenerators with Diverse 3D-Spacer Fabrics for Improved Output Voltage

Synthetic textile and microfiber pollution: a review on mitigation strategies

Solvent diffusion mechanism of PMMA/ acetone coated glass fiber fabric during curing process

Facile fabrication of flexible strain sensors with AgNPs-decorated CNTs based on nylon/PU fabrics through polydopamine templates

Careful Use of Silica Nanoparticles in the Textile Treatment for Potential Large-scale Production

The Effect of Fabric Structure on the Compression Behavior of Rib Weft Knitted Fabrics

Black textile with bottom metallized surface having enhanced radiative cooling under solar irradiation

Highly stretchable strain sensor with tunable sensitivity via polydopamine template-assisted dual-mode cooperative conductive network for human motion detection

Structure and Properties of Dyes and Pigments

Significantly improve the interlayer and in-plane properties of needled fabrics by novel none-felt needling technology

Grapeseed oil (Vitis Vinifera L.) treatment on polyester based fabrics to develop antibacterial and physiologically comfortable health-care and hygiene textiles

Examination of the Coating Method in Transferring Phase-Changing Materials

Integrated hierarchical macrostructures of flexible basalt fiber composites with tunable electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and rapid electrothermal response

Impact of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on surface metallization of CFRP composites

Sustainable textile architecture: history and prospects

Flexible, breathable, and highly environmental-stable Ni/PPy/PET conductive fabrics for efficient electromagnetic interference shielding and wearable textile antennas

Experimental investigation into stamping of woven CF/PP laminates: Influences of molding temperature on thermal, mesoscopic and macroscopic properties

Life Cycle Assessment of Flexible Electromagnetic Shields

Soft Jumping Robot Using Soft Morphing and the Yield Point of Magnetic Force

Investigation of the Influence of Stretch on the Air Permeability of Knitted Fabric: Effect of Loop Length

New Textile for Personal Protective Equipment—Plasma Chitosan/Silver Nanoparticles Nylon Fabric

Simulation of heat transfer process of thermal protective clothing based on FPGA and sensor processing system

Statistical analysis of the 3D electroconductive composites based on copper and graphene

A highly stretchable, easily processed and robust metal wire-containing woven fabric with strain-enhanced electromagnetic shielding effectiveness

Antimicrobial behavior, low-stress mechanical properties, and comfort of knitted fabrics made from poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)/polylactide acid filaments and cotton yarns

The Design of Cellular Fabrics with Graded Cell Distribution

Structural Impact on Some Common Physical Properties of Single Jersey Weft Knit Fabric

Functionalization of Woven Fabrics with PBT Yarns

A highly durable textile-based sensor as a human-worn material interface for long-term multiple mechanical deformation sensing

Synergistic effects of chemical finishing processes on comfort characteristics of micro-modal and lyocell knitted fabrics

The effects of elastane and finishing processes on the performance properties of denim fabrics

Water transport on interlaced yarns

Environmentally Friendly Flexible Strain Sensor from Waste Cotton Fabrics and Natural Rubber Latex

Effect of design parameters on the cushioning property of cellular fabric composites

Durable Antibacterial Functionality of Cotton/Polyester Blended Fabrics Using Antibiotic/MONPs Composite

Integration of temperature sensors in fabrics

Structure and mechanics of braided fabrics

Study of the influence of assemblies on knitted materials hand

Adaptive ultrasonic method for controlling the basis weight of knitted fabrics

Through air drying of paper—the effect of dryer fabric

Study on the Appearance and Mechanical Properties of Mulberry Silk Knitted Fabric

Theoretical analysis of braiding strand trajectories and simulation of three-dimensional parametric geometrical models for multilayer interlock three-dimensional tubular braided preforms

Low velocity impact behavior of interlayer hybrid composite laminates with carbon/glass/basalt fibres

The numerical and experimental investigation on low-velocity impact response of composite panels: Effect of fabric architecture