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Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Feature Extraction Scheme

Characterization and classification of intracardiac atrial fibrillation signals using the time-singularity multifractal spectrum distribution

Improving CAD Hemorrhage Detection in Capsule Endoscopy

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Sequential Extraction Scheme

Determination of Heavy Metals in Saline Soil: A Comparison between Microwave Assisted Single Extraction and Sequential ExtractionMethod

Geochemical fractionation of radiocesium in coral atoll soil

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within New Extraction Scheme

Extracting of Near-bit Attitude Signals Using DWT

Demonstration of slow extraction loss reduction with the application of octupoles at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Key Extraction Scheme

FREE: A Fast and Robust Key Extraction Mechanism via Inaudible Acoustic Signal

An Adaptive Physical Layer Key Extraction Scheme for Smart Homes

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Information Extraction Scheme

Certain Inverstigations on Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Using Three-Dimensional Spin Revolution (3DSR) Scheme

Reinforcement Learning with Sequential Information Clustering in Real-Time Bidding

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Variou Extraction Scheme

Extraction schemes to harness geothermal energy from puga geothermal field, India

Evaluation of Fe, Zn, Pb, Cd and As mobility from tailings by sequential extraction and experiments under imposed physico-chemical conditions

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Model Extraction Scheme

A Novel Framework for Parametric Loewner Matrix Interpolation

AI vs AI: fraudsters turn defensive technology into an attack tool

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Different Extraction Scheme

Deep-Feature-Based Approach to Marine Debris Classification

Kinetics and mass transfer considerations for an ultrasound-assisted supercritical CO2 procedure to produce extracts enriched in flavonoids from Scutellaria barbata

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Relation Extraction Scheme

Entity Concept-enhanced Few-shot Relation Extraction

A Graph Based Clustering Approach for Relation Extraction From Crime Data

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Solvent Extraction Scheme

Recovery of high specific activity molybdenum-99 from accelerator-induced fission on low-enriched uranium for technetium-99m generators

Rare earth elements: Mendeleev’s bane, modern marvels

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Vessel Extraction Scheme

Retinal vessel segmentation with constrained-based nonnegative matrix factorization and 3D modified attention U-Net

An improved vessel extraction scheme from retinal fundus images

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Groundwater Extraction Scheme

Multi-objective optimization for optimal extraction of groundwater from a nitrate-contaminated aquifer considering economic-environmental issues: A case study.

Application of Groundwater Model to Groundwater Regulation in Cangzhou Area

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Ga Extraction Scheme

A numerical method of hydraulic fracturing in coal seam for enhancing gas drainage

Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Analysis of Gas Production in Fractured Shale Reservoir by Random Fracture Network Modeling

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Rff Extraction Scheme

A Data-independent Radio Frequency Fingerprint Extraction Scheme

A Robust Radio-Frequency Fingerprint Extraction Scheme for Practical Device Recognition

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Header Extraction Scheme

A Novel Variable-Length Header Extraction Scheme Based on Ring Laser for All-Optical Packet Switching Network

A novel variable-length header extraction scheme based on ring laser for all-optical packet switching network

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within Smoke Extraction Scheme

Comparative study on ventilation and smoke extraction systems of different super-long river-crossing subway tunnels under fire scenarios

Research on Parameters Setting of Smoke Exhaust Outlet and Cross Passage on Side Wall of Underwater Tunnel

Extraction Scheme sentence examples within extraction scheme proposed

Photovoltaic Power Station Electromagnetic Environment Complexity Evaluation Utilizing Logarithmic Morphological Gradient Spectrum

Application of flexible multi-elemental ICP-OES detection in fractionation of potentially toxic element content of solid environmental samples by a sequential extraction procedure

Numerical simulation and regulation analysis of subsurface flow for an underground reservoir in Weihai

Isolation of a protein-polysaccharide complex from brown algae biomass

An overview on the recent applications of agarose as a green biopolymer in micro-extraction-based sample preparation techniques.

Harmonic Cancellation by Adaptive Notch Filter based on Wavelet Package Transform for an MMCC-STATCOM

Hydropower reservoirs enhanced the accumulation of heavy metals towards surface sediments and aggravated ecological risks in Jiulong River Basin, China

Variable-energy isochronous accelerator with cotangential orbits for proton beam therapy

Synergy of in-situ formation of carbonic acid and supercritical CO2-expanded liquids: Application to extraction of andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata

Ionophore-Based Optical Sensor for Urine Creatinine Determination.

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Extraction Scheme 추출 방식

Extraction Scheme 추출 방식
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