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Short Communication: Detection of selected agricultural pesticides in river and tap water in Letsitele, Lomati and Vals–Renoster catchments, South Africa

Predicting Occupational Exposures to Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers Based on Workplace Determinants Modeling

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Lung Cancer Mortality and Styrene Exposure in the Reinforced Plastics Boatbuilding Industry: Evaluation of Healthy Worker Survivor Bias.

Prioritisation of Crude Oil Contaminated Sites to Inform Risk Decision Making Using Soil Quality Index

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Assessment of Nanopollution from Commercial Products in Water Environments

Nano-enabled products in South Africa and the assessment of environmental exposure potential for engineered nanomaterials

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Emerging Organic Contaminants in Chinese Surface Water: Identification of Priority Pollutants

Toxicological priority index framework for prioritizing pesticide products into human exposure and health risk assessments

Detergent pods and children: a health hazard on the rise

New Tools to Support the Risk Assessment Process of Nanomaterials in the Insurance Sector

Characterization of the indoor near-field and far-field aerosol transmission in a model commercial office building

Gene drives as a new quality in GMO releases—a comparative technology characterization

Environmental effects of Arctic oil spills and spill response technologies, introduction to a 5 year joint industry effort.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Regulation of Crop Protection Products

Ranking and prioritizing pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment of China.

To Study the Genomic Fingerprinting of Relatedness in Strains of Bacillus Sp. by RAPD Analysis

Acute inhalation co‐exposure to 1,2‐dichloropropane and dichloromethane cause liver damage by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration and defense ability in mice

Particle and vapor emissions from vat polymerization desktop-scale 3-dimensional printers

Occurrence and ranking of pharmaceuticals in the major rivers of China.

The greenhouse work environment: a modifier of occupational pesticide exposure?

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Exposure Potential 노출 가능성

Exposure Potential 노출 가능성
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