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Parental perceptions of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on family-centred care at a paediatric intensive care unit

Parent participation in early years settings in Northern Ireland: identifying the key themes in ‘becoming involved’

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Teachers’ Perception, Experiences, and Challenges about Teens of Ages 12-14 Years who have Reported Online Digital Insecurity in Kenya

Pregnancy decisions after fetal or perinatal death: systematic review of qualitative research

“It shows we felt safe because a few of us had tears”: Exploring how perceptions of the group space can influence experiences of parenting programmes

Mothers’ Accounts of Attending to Educational and Everyday Needs of Their Children at Home during COVID-19: The Case of the UAE

Parents’ Perceptions Regarding the Effects of COVID-19 on their Children with and without Disabilities

Being parent of a child with congenital heart disease, what does it mean? A qualitative research

Cross-country parental perspectives of LDs (Jensen de López et al., 2021)

Exploring Parental Knowledge and Indigenous Practices for Infant Teething in Indian Population: A Cross-sectional Study

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Values as Predictors of Parent - Child Interaction Specifics in Finno-Ugric and Russian Families

Parent-perceived challenges related to the pediatric cochlear implantation process and support services received in South Africa.

Parent-child neural synchrony: a novel approach to elucidating dyadic correlates of preschool irritability.

Mapping folk devils old and new through permanent exclusion from London schools

Cross-National Examination of Work-Family in Parents of Children with Disabilities Using a Bioecological Model

Parental knowledge and beliefs on the use of child car restraints in Singapore: a qualitative study.

Parents’ and clinicians’ views on conducting paediatric diagnostic test accuracy studies without prior informed consent: qualitative insight from the Petechiae in Children study (PiC)

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Exploring Parent 부모 탐색

Exploring Parent 부모 탐색
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