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Digital Euro and ECB Powers

Pharmacological Approach for Neuroprotection After Cardiac Arrest—A Narrative Review of Current Therapies and Future Neuroprotective Cocktail

Pharmaceutical Marketing Transformation due to COVID-19 Pandemic

SHERPA-city: A web application to assess the impact of traffic measures on NO2 pollution in cities

Voluntary Oral Ingestion of a Sedative Prior to Euthanasia with CO2: Behavioural Responses of Mice

Development of a Land Use Carbon Inventory for Agricultural Soils in the Canadian Province of Ontario

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Life Crises

Instructionally Embedded Assessment: Theory of Action for an Innovative System

COVID-19 Point-of-Care Diagnostics That Satisfy Global Target Product Profiles

Development of a Programme Theory for Early Intervention Vocational Rehabilitation: A Realist Literature Review

Benchmark Bird Surveys Help Quantify Counting Accuracy in a Citizen-Science Database

Robotics in Teaching-Learning: But in Nursing?

Enhancing the fuel properties of beverage wastes as non-edible feedstock for biofuel production

Postgraduate pharmacist development- an evaluation of Jordanian pharmacist experiences to inform and shape an evidence-based professional development policy

Production and Performance Evaluation of Biodetergents as an Alternative to Conventional Drilling Detergent

Factors Affecting Patient Adherence to Multivitamin Intake After Bariatric Surgery: a Multicentre Survey Study from the Patient’s Perspective

A cell-based immunogenicity assay to detect antibodies against chimeric antigen receptor expressed by tisagenlecleucel.

Transitioning to non-toxic ammunition: Making change happen

Furthering Genomic Research Infrastructures: The Global Genome Biodiversity Network

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Peel-Harvey Estuary, Western Australia

Halophytic Microbiome in Ameliorating the Stress

Production of Defective Interfering Particles of Influenza A Virus in Parallel Continuous Cultures at Two Residence Times—Insights From qPCR Measurements and Viral Dynamics Modeling

The ghettoization of persons with severe mental illnesses

International Applications for Floating Solar Photovoltaics

Total Elbow Arthroplasty Survey 2015: Current Service Provision and Future Improvements (England and Wales)

Nanotechnology Applications in Transplantation Medicine


University of Alaska braces for draconian budget cuts.

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