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Genetic alterations and functional networks of m6A RNA methylation regulators in pancreatic cancer based on data mining

Genetic alterations and functional networks of m6A RNA methylation regulators in pancreatic cancer based on data mining

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Exploring the genetic mechanisms underlying amoxicillin-clavulanate resistance in waterborne Escherichia coli.

The Genetic Influence on Corticosteroid-Induced Ocular Hypertension: A Field Positioned for Discovery.

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6: Biomimetic Microtissue Keloid Scar System Using Keloid-derived Fibroblasts and Macrophages

Acute Renal Failure in Kidney Transplant Recipients

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Editing the immune system in vivo in mice using CRISPR/Cas9 ribonucleoprotein (RNP)-mediated gene editing of transplanted hematopoietic stem cells.

GenOrigin: A comprehensive protein-coding gene origination database on the evolutionary timescale of life.

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Effect of Donor Simvastatin Treatment on Gene Expression Profiles in Human Cardiac Allografts during Reperfusion

Identification and Validation of Reference Genes for Quantitative Real-Time PCR Studies in Alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides)

MiR-21-3p Promotes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression via SMAD7/YAP1 Regulation

Genetic regulation of the traits contributing to wheat nitrogen use efficiency.

Occupational therapy services provided to populations in non-urban areas: a scoping review protocol.

Association of TNF-α polymorphisms (−857, −863 and −1031), TNF-α serum level and lipid profile with acne vulgaris

Frequent germplasm exchanges drive the high genetic diversity of Chinese-cultivated common apricot germplasm

Modernization of Chinese Philosophical Methodology

Self-Supervised Representation Learning of Protein Tertiary Structures (PtsRep) and Its Implications for Protein Engineering

Discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms in bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) genes of goats by double digest restriction-site associated DNA sequencing

Effects of gamma radiation on quantitative traits and genetic variation of three successive generations of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Revealing salt tolerance mechanism of Tamarix hispida by large scale identification of genes conferring salt tolerance.

Genetic insights on single cross maize hybrid and its importance on maize self-sufficiency in Nepal

High generalization performance structured self-attention model for knapsack problem

Dual Nature of Students’ Knowledge Formation in the Pandemic Period: Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects

Ligand Nanocluster Array Enables Artificial-Intelligence-Based Detection of Hidden Features in T-Cell Architecture.

Generational differences in psychological wellbeing and preventative behaviours among nursing students during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study.

Zones of Meaning, Leitideen, Institutional Logics – and Practices: A Phenomenological Institutional Perspective on Shared Meaning Structures

Development of mammary cancer in γ-irradiated F1 hybrids of susceptible Sprague-Dawley and resistant Copenhagen rats, with copy-number losses that pinpoint potential tumor suppressors

Mapping Astrocyte Transcriptional Signatures in Response to Neuroactive Compounds

A-17 Examining Cognitive Trajectories in SuperAgers within the LonGenity Study

Genetics and Breeding of Tropical Acacias for Forest Products: Acacia mangium, A. auriculiformis and A. crassicarpa

Vision of Personal Future as a Tool for Supporting Adolescents’ Transition to Adulthood

The role of felt obligation to mentor in mentor performance: An exploration of generalized reciprocity in mentoring

Single nucleotide polymorphism in TLR1 and TNFá genes and their association with susceptibility to bovine tuberculosis

Sequencing of a Wild Apple (Malus baccata) Genome Unravels the Differences Between Cultivated and Wild Apple Species Regarding Disease Resistance and Cold Tolerance

Mutation of ONAC096 Enhances Grain Yield by Increasing Panicle Number and Delaying Leaf Senescence during Grain Filling in Rice

CD36 identified by weighted gene co-expression network analysis as a hub candidate gene in lupus nephritis

Structural variation in the gut microbiome associates with host health

Realist evaluations in low- and middle-income countries: reflections and recommendations from the experiences of a foreign researcher

Achieving useful AI explanations in a high-tempo complex environment

Breast Cancer Subtypes Present a Differential Production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Susceptibility to Antioxidant Treatment

Building information modeling (BIM) for structural engineering: a bibliometric analysis of the literature

Weighting the inheritance coin: active genetics at work in the mouse

Location of Balanced Chromosome-Translocation Breakpoints by Long-Read Sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore Platform

Mapping quantitative trait loci for cold tolerance in rice at seedling stage

Microsatellite instability in mismatch repair and tumor suppressor genes and their expression profiling provide important targets for the development of biomarkers in gastric cancer.

PCA-based GRS analysis enhances the effectiveness for genetic correlation detection

Whole-genome sequence of the bovine blood fluke Schistosoma bovis supports interspecific hybridization with S. haematobium

Correcting Satellite Precipitation Data and Assimilating Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture Data to Generate Ensemble Hydrological Forecasts within the HBV Rainfall-Runoff Model

Microarray Gene Expression Dataset Re-Analysis Reveals Variability in Influenza Infection and Vaccination

Genetic structure and diversity of Adonis L. (Ranunculaceae) populations collected from Turkey by inter-primer binding site (iPBS) retrotransposon markers

Evaluation of commonly used ectoderm markers in iPSC trilineage differentiation

Ultrafast Variational Simulation of Non-trivial Quantum States with Long Range Interactions.

Association between ALS and retroviruses: evidence from bioinformatics analysis

Update on Atopic Dermatitis.

Energy-Efficient Coverage Path Planning for General Terrain Surfaces

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Next generation sequencing technologies for the development of molecular markers and the analysis of genome diversity in Capsicum spp.

Meta-analytic framework for modeling genetic coexpression dynamics


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Exploring Gene 유전자 탐색

Exploring Gene 유전자 탐색
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