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Exploring Efficient sentence examples within oxygen evolution reaction

Metal-Organic Gel-Derived Multimetal Oxides as Effective Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

Effect of different carbon supporter on the Ni/C catalyst for water oxidation

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Design of an efficient photocatalyst: a type II heterojunction for enhanced hydrogen production driven by visible light.

Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde with Ni Fe1-Al2O4+ composite oxides supported Pt catalysts: C O versus C C selectivity switch by varying the Ni/Fe molar ratios

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Engineering P-doped Ni3S2-NiS hybrid nanorod arrays for efficient overall water electrolysis

Carbon-nanotube-entangled Co,N-codoped carbon nanocomposite for oxygen reduction reaction

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Exploring Efficient sentence examples within exploring efficient electrocatalyst

Controllable atomic defect engineering in layered NixFe1−x(OH)2 nanosheets for electrochemical overall water splitting

Metal-organic framework derived NiMo polyhedron as an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst

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Complementary combinative strategy of defect engineering and graphene coupling for efficient energy-functional materials.

Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysis of N, S-Codoped Porous Carbon with Interspersed Hollow CoO Nanoparticles for Rechargeable Zn-Air Batteries.

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Sample-efficient dataset generation for Deep-Learning based inverse design of photonic nanostructures

Atomically-thin Bi2MoO6 nanosheets with vacancy pairs for improved photocatalytic CO2 reduction

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Organic composition tailored perovskite solar cells and light-emitting diodes: Perspectives and advances

Encapsulation and physicochemical evaluation of efavirenz in liposomes

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Management of cloud resources and social change in a multi-tier environment: A novel finite automata using ant colony optimization with spanning tree

TOQO: A new Tillage Operations Quality Optimization model based on parallel and dynamic Decision Support System

Poly(ionic liquid)-Based Efficient and Robust Antiseptic Spray.

High-Performance Ru 2 P Anodic Catalyst for Alkaline Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Visible-light driven rapid bacterial inactivation on red phosphorus/titanium oxide nanofiber heterostructures.

Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen catalyzed by CoMoO4 nanorods under ambient conditions

SrIrO3 Modified with Laminar Sr2IrO4 as a Robust Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting in Acidic Media

Selective Se doping of NiFe2O4 on an active NiOOH scaffold for efficient and robust water oxidation

Graphene nanosheets supported high-defective Pd nanocrystals as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction

Efficient and Selective Methane Borylation Through Porosity Tuning of Hybrid Iridium Catalysts Based on Porous Organic Polymers.

High electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity on a coupled Ru and CoO hybrid electrocatalyst

In-situ synthesis of Co-N supported on nickel foam for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction

Highly efficient Cu induced photocatalysis for visible-light hydrogen evolution

Engineering Interface and Oxygen Vacancies of NixCo1-xSe2 to Boost Oxygen Catalysis for Flexible Zn-Air Batteries.

Effects of composition faults in ternary metal chalcogenides (ZnxIn2S3+x, x = 1–5) layered crystals for visible-light-driven catalytic hydrogen generation and carbon dioxide reduction

Long-Horizon Active SLAM system for multi-agent coordinated exploration

Probing the Active Sites of Carbon-Encapsulated Cobalt Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction

Efficient and Scalable Exploration via Estimation-Error

Construction of Z-scheme LaNiO3/SnS2 composite for boosting visible light photodegradation of tetracycline

Exploring Efficient 효율적 탐색

Exploring Efficient 효율적 탐색
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