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Perubahan tata guna lahan kampung Prawirotaman kota Yogyakarta sebagai dampak keberadaan kawasan komersial

Perubahan Tata Guna Lahan Kampung Prawirotaman Kota YOGYAKARTA Sebagai Dampak Keberadaan Kawasan Komersial (Land Use Change in Kampung Prawirotaman YOGYAKARTA City as the Impact of the Existence of Commercial Area)

The Vietnamese entrepreneurship paradox: how can entrepreneurs thrive without political and economic freedom?

Sustainable Industrialisation for Luxury Products: Manufacturers and Retailers Must Commit to Tackling Modern Slavery in Africa

Natural polymers based triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting biomechanical energy and monitoring human motion

N-Doped porous biocarbon materials derived from soya peptone as efficient electrocatalysts for the ORR

Exploring undergraduates’ money-management life insight from an emerging economy

Metallic state two-dimensional holey-structured Co3FeN nanosheets as stable and bifunctional electrocatalysts for zinc–air batteries

Nebraska’s Pioneer and Heritage Farms: A Geographical and Historical Perspective

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Exploring Economic 경제 탐구

Exploring Economic 경제 탐구
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