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Stakeholder perspectives on evidence for digital mental health interventions: Implications for accreditation systems

Communication with children and adolescents about the diagnosis of a life-threatening condition in their parent

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Berufsfeldanalyse in der Pflege

Storytelling for narrative approaches in citizen science: towards a generalized model

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Development of the International Spinal Cord Injury/Dysfunction Education Basic Data Set.

Neurofunctional test batteries in safety pharmacology - Current and emerging considerations for the drug development process.

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Lack of Evidence for Additional Protein-Energy in Enteral Nutrition for Very Low Birth Weight Preterm Infants: A Systematic Review (P11-086-19).

Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Enteral Nutrition for Very Low Birth Weight Preterm Infants: A Systematic Review (P11-085-19).

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Global Futures of Energy, Climate, and Policy: Qualitative and Quantitative Foresight Towards 2055

Anticipating global energy, climate and policy in 2055: Constructing qualitative and quantitative narratives

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Measuring colposcopy quality in Canada: development of population-based indicators.

Concussion Guidelines Step 2: Evidence for Subtype Classification

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Compensation effects of coated cysteamine on meat quality, amino acid composition, fatty acid composition, mineral content in dorsal muscle and serum biochemical indices in finishing pigs offered reduced trace minerals diet

Research on the Strategy of Introducing High-level Talents in Dalian Free Trade Zone

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From Uptake to Access: A Decade of Learning from the ACOG LARC Program.

Improving Developmental Screening, Discussion, and Referral in Pediatric Practice

Development and Validation of a Pragmatic Electronic Phenotype for CKD.

An Examination of the Changing Nature of Procedure Use and Adherence As Expertise Is Developed Over Time in a Virtual Reality Environment

Межведомственный круглый стол с международным участием «Проблемы следственной, экспертной практики и пути их решения»

Generating political commitment for ending malnutrition in all its forms: A system dynamics approach for strengthening nutrition actor networks

TexAnASD: Text Analytics for ASD Risk Gene Predictions

Assessing the Effectiveness of a Public Teacher Training Program in Economic and Financial Education in Uruguay - Measurement of Learning in PROCAD in Its Pilot Phase

Comparison of Methods to Measure Methane for Use in Genetic Evaluation of Dairy Cattle

Recovery for all in the community; position paper on principles and key elements of community-based mental health care

Social Class Inequalities in Tooth-brushing Time: The Role of Material, Behavioral, Psychosocial, and Workplace Environmental Factors among the South Korean Population

The potential impact of the Lactobacillus name change: the results of an expert meeting organised by the Lactic Acid Bacteria Industrial Platform (LABIP)

DEEP: the product roadmap maturity model: a method for assessing the product roadmapping capabilities of organizations

Development of the Point-of-Care Key Evidence Tool (POCKET): a checklist for multi-dimensional evidence generation in point-of-care tests

Development of alien and invasive taxa lists for regulation of biological invasions in South Africa

Social learning as a link between the individual and the collective: evaluating deliberation on social values

La evaluación psicológica en los campos de la psicología jurídica en Colombia: psicología forense

InnoBandit 2.0: A Systematic Approach to Scenario-Based Product Profile Generation in PGE – Product Generation Engineering

Response to Gammal et al.

A note on the draft International Council for Harmonisation guidance on estimands and sensitivity analysis

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An Unbiased and Time Efficient Task Allocation for Crowdsourcing Systems

The Role of Citizens in Setting the Visions for Mission-Oriented Research and Innovation

Online Sequencing of Non-Decomposable Macrotasks in Expert Crowdsourcing

CrowdStart: Warming up cold-start items using crowdsourcing

Pedagógusminősítés a gyakorló minősítési szakértő szemével

Separated by common methods? Researchers and journalists doing expertise

Cross-cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Norwegian Short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire-2 in Low Back-related Leg Pain.

Imitation Refinement for X-ray Diffraction Signal Processing

AAPS Workshop Report on ICH M10

Description of work processes used by clinical nurse specialists to improve patient outcomes.

No Surgical Innovation Without Evaluation: Evolution and Further Development of the IDEAL Framework and Recommendations

Prioritising Support for Cost Effective Rare Breed Conservation Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Estimating evapotranspiration of pistachio crop based on SEBAL algorithm using Landsat 8 satellite imagery

Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Norwegian Short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire-2 in Low Back-Related Leg Pain.

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