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Level-wise driving knowledge induction for embedded automatic train driving system

Soft Urinary Bladder Phantom for Endoscopic Training

Experience Levels sentence examples within Varying Experience Levels

Open-source image analysis software yields reproducible MRI measures of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration in sheep models.

Crowdsourced Assessment of Surgical Skill Proficiency in Cataract Surgery

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Workflows and clinical utilization of dynamic mapping data in radiofrequency catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias

Teacher Opinions and Perspectives of Visual Culture Theory and Material Culture Studies in Art Education

Experience Levels sentence examples within Three Experience Levels

Clinician-Identified Factors in Success of Parent-Directed Behavioral Therapy for Children’s Tantrums

Research on Bathroom Product Design Based on Barrier-free Experience Demand under Digital Background

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Representation of women in HPC conferences

Give or buy contexts and internet experience as a factor differentiating of readiness to provide different types of personal data in m-commerce

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Surgical Skill Can be Objectively Measured From Fluoroscopic Images Using a Novel Image-based Decision Error Analysis (IDEA) Score.

A systematic review of virtual reality for the assessment of technical skills in neurosurgery.

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Comparison of machine learning strategies for infrared thermography of skin cancer

Object detection on dental x-ray images using deep learning method

Reliable and valid assessment of procedural skills in resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta

The lived experience of children and adolescents with cancer.

Interprofessional model on speaking up behaviour in healthcare professionals: a qualitative study

Validation of a Cost-effective Cast Saw Simulation-based Educational Module to Improve Cast Removal Safety.

The Effects of Display Type, Weather Type, and Pilot Experience on Pilot Interpretation of Weather Products

The Voices of the New Majority of Professors: The Adjuncts Speak

Motives for shelter camping. A survey-study on motivational differences across group composition and experience level

Operable, Low-Cost, High-Resolution, Patient-Specific 3D Printed Temporal Bones for Surgical Simulation and Evaluation

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Towards Automated HAZOPs

PyRosetta Jupyter Notebooks Teach Biomolecular Structure Prediction and Design

Effects of self-rated workload and nurse staffing on work engagement among nurses: A cross-sectional survey.

Community exoplanet imaging data challenge for Roman CGI and starshade rendezvous

Diagnosis of Primary Cutaneous Amyloidosis by Rapid 4,6-Diamidino-2-Phenylindole Staining.

Morphological Types of DM Halos in Milky Way-like Galaxies in the TNG50 Simulation: Simple, Twisted, or Stretched

A Qualitative Study: What Do Nurses in Charge in Emergency Departments Do?

Effect of gender and running experience on lower limb biomechanics following 5 km barefoot running.

[Development and validation of a course concept for Tactical Medical Mining Rescue : Standardized training curriculum for mine rescue teams].

Editorial for “MRI Findings of Arachnoiditis, Revisited. Is Classification Needed?”

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Experience Levels 경험 수준

Experience Levels 경험 수준
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