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Understanding the associations between owner and pet demographics on pet body condition among those experiencing homelessness and housing vulnerability in Canada.

Los Angeles Homelessness and the Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

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Ungoverned and Out of Sight

Permitting a Homeless Transition Village: Transactions between the Informal and the Formal

Factors associated with condom and contraceptive use among currently and formerly homeless young adults: Does housing matter?

Bridging the transition from homelessness: Developing an occupational therapy framework.

Examining Sleep Disturbance Among Sheltered and Unsheltered Transition Age Youth Experiencing Homelessness.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual homelessness in Australia: Risk and resilience factors to consider in policy and practice.

Large socio-economic, geographic and demographic disparities exist in exposure to school closures

Subalternity as displacement: Memoirs of homelessness and the struggle to be heard

What treatment and services are effective for people who are homeless and use drugs? A systematic ‘review of reviews’

Medical Respite Programs for People who Experience Homelessness

Youth who sleep in motels: an acknowledged but unknown population of the hidden homeless

Factors associated with homelessness among women: a cross-sectional survey of outpatient mental health service users at The Banyan, India.

Ongoing tobacco use in women who experience homelessness and unstable housing: A prospective study to inform tobacco cessation interventions and policies.

29120 Classification of Individuals Across the Spectrum of Problematic Opioid Use: Clinical Correlates and Longitudinal Associations with Mortality

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Gender and Sexuality in Street Youth Cultures in the United States and Canada

Mental health and addiction service use among United States veterans with liver disease nationally in the Veterans Health Administration

The Impact of an Educational Intervention on Nursing Staff Attitudes Toward Patients Experiencing Homelessness and Mental Illness.

Estimating vaccination threshold and impact in the 2017-2019 hepatitis A virus outbreak among persons experiencing homelessness or who use drugs in Louisville, Kentucky, United states.

Hepatitis A Virus Infections Among Men Who Have Sex with Men — Eight U.S. States, 2017–2018

Contexts and mechanisms that promote access to healthcare for populations experiencing homelessness: a realist review

The art of mentalizing: A mentalization-based art initiative with homeless people within a psychologically informed environment

Housing Instability Results in Increased Acute Care Utilization in an Urban HIV Clinic Cohort


Distance matters: geographic barriers to long-acting reversible and permanent contraception for homeless women Veterans

Running Away During Adolescence and Future Homelessness: The Amplifying Role of Mental Health

A Review of the Literature on LGBTQ Adults Who Experience Homelessness

Homelessness, Personal Hygiene, and MRSA Nasal Colonization among Persons Who Inject Drugs

Risk behaviour and access to HIV/AIDS prevention services among formerly homeless young adults living in housing programmes

Investigating Health Risk Environments in Housing Programs for Young Adults: Protocol for a Geographically Explicit Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

Interactions between Police and Persons Who Experience Homelessness and Mental Illness in Toronto, Canada: Findings from a Prospective Study

Underprivileged in Plymouth receive dental care

Hepatitis C treatment outcomes among homeless-experienced individuals at a community health centre in Boston.

Cold Weather Conditions and Risk of Hypothermia Among People Experiencing Homelessness: Implications for Prevention Strategies

Cumulative Risk Factors Associated with Food Insecurity among Adults who Experience Homelessness.

Five-year standardised mortality ratios in a cohort of homeless people in Dublin

Homelessness Among Patients in a Southeastern Safety Net Emergency Department

Evaluating culturally and linguistically integrated care for Latinx adults with mental and substance use disorders.

LGBTIQ+ Homelessness: A Review of the Literature

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Pessoa em situação de rua e desigualdade social: uma questão de políticas públicas

Mastery motivation and school readiness among young children experiencing homelessness.

Cancer patients experiencing homelessness: What’s happening to them?

Socioeconomic, Behavioral, and Clinical Characteristics of Persons Living with HIV Who Experience Homelessness in the United States, 2015–2016

Homelessness experiences and gender identity in a population-based sample of adolescents

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