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Examinning the Opinions of Students and Parents on Oral History Studies within the Scope of Life Sciences Lesson

Green and furry friends to the rescue: plants and pets parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic

The effect of severe traumatic brain injury on social cognition, emotion regulation, and mood.

Understanding Moral Empathy: A Verbatim-Theatre Supported Phenomenological Exploration of the Empathy Imperative.

Human Pregenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex: Structural, Functional, and Connectional Heterogeneity

Empathy, Group Identity, and the Mechanisms of Exclusion: An Investigation into the Limits of Empathy

Art Therapy With Puppet Making to Promote Emotional Empathy for an Adolescent With Autism

Social Justice and Advocacy in University-Based Play Therapy Training Clinics

How Can You Not Shout, Now That the Whispering Is Done? Accounts of the Enemy in US, Hmong, and Vietnamese Soldiers’ Literary Reflections on the War

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Experience Empathy 공감을 경험하다

Experience Empathy 공감을 경험하다
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