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Experience Dimensions sentence examples within Flow Experience Dimensions

Modeling students’ flow experience through data logs in gamified educational systems

Analysing flow experience on repurchase intention in e-retailing during COVID-19

Experience Dimensions sentence examples within Brand Experience Dimensions

Analytical framework, typology and retail experience design process for integrated relational brand experience

Role of brand experience in predicting consumer loyalty

Experience Dimensions sentence examples within Tourism Experience Dimensions

Activities, destination image, satisfaction and loyalty in a small island destination

Towards a framework for the global wine tourism system

Experience Dimensions sentence examples within User Experience Dimensions

Alternative Design For An Interactive Exhibit Learning In Museums: How Does User Experience Differ Across Different Technologies-VR, Tangible, And Gesture

A Mobile App to Support Clinical Diagnosis of Upper Respiratory Problems (eHealthResp): Co-Design Approach

Experience Dimensions sentence examples within Patient Experience Dimensions

Associations between Nurse Staffing Levels, Patient Experience, and Hospital Rating

The Influence of Patient Experience with Healthcare on the Health-Related Quality of Life of People Living with HIV: An Observational Cross-Sectional Survey

Experience Dimensions sentence examples within Customer Experience Dimensions

Effect of online shopping experience on customer loyalty in apparel business-to-consumer ecommerce

Customer experience analysis of cosmetics retail store on millennial women

Hotel Guests’ Experience, Satisfaction and Revisit Intentions: An Emerging Market Perspective

Mind Perception and Social Robots: The Role of Agent Appearance and Action Types

Five Senses’ Experience Model for Mirroring Online Shopping in IoT

Tourist experience, perceived authenticity, place attachment and loyalty when staying in a peer-to-peer accommodation.

Schizophrenia polygenic risk score and cannabis use modify psychosis expression in first episode psychosis patients and population controls

A top box analysis of DinEX to optimize restaurant resources

Personality Factors as Determinants of Adjustment Among Military Children

Quality of antenatal care and associated factors in a rural county in Kenya: an assessment of service provision and experience dimensions

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Experience Dimensions 경험 차원

Experience Dimensions 경험 차원
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