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The effects of cultural intelligence and Vietnamese proficiency on expatriate adjustment in Vietnam

Thriving and retention of expatriates: Cultural intelligence and organizational embeddedness inputs

In search of cross-cultural competence: A comprehensive review of five measurement instruments

Influence of Self-Esteem, Perceived Social Support and Psychological Morbidity among Expatriates During COVID-19 Pandemic

Adverse Effects and Intangible Costs for American Expatriates in Russia

“Stepping out of the ordinary”: exploring cross-cultural challenges of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HRM roles in cross culture training provision: insights from Israeli companies

Intercultural Experience in Narrative: Expatriate Stories from a Multicultural Workplace

The Opining Mining of Expatriate Adjustment and Significant Role of Social Media

A risk management model for research on expatriates in hostile work environments

A diary study of expatriate adjustment: Collaborative mechanisms of social support

The paradox role of extraversion in the cross-cultural adjustment process of Asian expatriates

A synthesis of expatriate competence, intelligence, adaptability, work-role demand and organisational support on expatriation effectiveness

It takes two to tango: a review of the empirical research on expatriate-local interactions

Effects of Primary Stakeholders’ Support on Expatriate Adjustment and Performance in Malaysia

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Expatriate Adjustment 외국인 조정

Expatriate Adjustment 외국인 조정
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