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Продвижение журналов ведущих университетов: сравнение, практика, возможности

Isomorphism, Diversification, and Strategic Ambiguity: Goal Setting of Chinese Higher Education Institutions in the Double World-Class Project

Excellence Initiative sentence examples within University Excellence Initiative

Does government support of a few leading universities have a broader impact on the higher education system? Evaluation of the Russian University Excellence Initiative

The effect of Russian University Excellence Initiative on publications and collaboration patterns

Excellence Initiative sentence examples within Operational Excellence Initiative

Operational excellence, organisational culture and agility: the missing link?

Implementing sustainable operational excellence in organizations: an integrative viewpoint

Excellence Initiative sentence examples within Care Excellence Initiative

État des lieux de la protonthérapie en France en 2019

[Proton therapy in France in 2019].

Excellence Initiative sentence examples within Regional Excellence Initiative

On the Fekete–Szegö type functionals for functions which are convex in the direction of the imaginary axis

Higher Education Institutions as Partners in Growing Innovation of Local Economy

Dispositives of newness and change: academic organisations’ discursive practice at the intersection of excellence and gender

The rise of multiple institutional affiliations in academia

Does Vertical University Stratification Foster or Hinder Academics’ Societal Engagement? Findings from Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Russia

Territory, Economy, Society and Institutions in Transition

Correction to: Compression of a mixed antiproton and electron non-neutral plasma to high densities - Eur. Phys. J. D 72: 76 (2018), DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2018-80617-x

Gab2 is Essential for Tran sformation by FLT3-ITD in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Alternative splicing of the tumor suppressor ASPP2 results in a stress-inducible, oncogenic isoform prevalent in acute leukemia

Characteristics of the Networking Interaction among the Universities of Germany


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Excellence Initiative 우수 이니셔티브

Excellence Initiative 우수 이니셔티브
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