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Affective shifts: mood, emotion and well-being

Sentiment analysis of Amazon product reviews based on NLP

Landslide Susceptibility Zonation Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches in Northern Lecco, Italy

Evaluation of Authentic Assessment Implementation on Biology Learning at SMA Negeri in Semarang

Dissecting the dimension of protection: Caligae and Scutum in the evaluative model of normative appeals

Public Health Solutions to Rural Health Disparities

Evaluación en contextos indígenas: el papel de las ideologías en la pertinencia cultural del proceso

Our Evaluative Model

Predictive Modeling for Developing Maintenance Management in Construction Projects

Rural Health Disparities: The Policy Perspective

Strategic Source Evaluation: Addressing the Container Conundrum

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Evaluative Model 평가 모델

Evaluative Model 평가 모델
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