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Evaluation Models sentence examples within program evaluation model

Evaluation of a Strategic Management Program: Context, Input, Process, Product Model as a Prototype for Business Academies


Evaluation Models sentence examples within intelligent transportation system

Trusted measurement and evaluation for intelligent transportation system products: A case study for traffic signal controller

Evaluation Models sentence examples within software testing quality

Software test quality evaluation based on fuzzy mathematics

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Quality Evaluation Models

Groundwater quality evaluation model based on multi-scale fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and big data analysis method

Evaluation model of classroom teaching quality based on improved RVM algorithm and knowledge recommendation

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Performance Evaluation Models

Economic performance evaluation model of cross border Mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises based on principal component analysis

Artificial intelligence and human workers interaction at team level: a conceptual assessment of the challenges and potential HRM strategies

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Different Evaluation Models

The role of library user preferences in the willingness to read and pay for e-books: case of the Czech Republic

Langmuir adsorption isotherm in unconventional resources: Applicability and limitations

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Economic Evaluation Models

Determining the optimal economic evaluation model in occupational safety and health investments

Analysis of regional economic evaluation based on machine learning

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Program Evaluation Models

Eco-Normalization: Evaluating the Longevity of an Innovation in Context.


Evaluation Models sentence examples within Comprehensive Evaluation Models

Research of ergonomic comprehensive evaluation for suit production operation based on hybrid method with IAHP and gray entropy

Establishing a Physiology-Yield-Quality Evaluation Model for Optimizing Drip Irrigation on Grape Fields in Extremely Arid Regions

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Fuzzy Evaluation Models

Fuzzy evaluation of the ecological security of land resources in mainland China based on the Pressure-State-Response framework.

Multiparametric Assesment of the Conditional Channel of Multitarent Radio Communication Systems using Fuzzy Sets

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Criterium Evaluation Models

Evaluating Business Performance and Efficiency in the Medical Tourism: A Multi-criteria Approach

Socio-environmental conflict over abandoned mining waste in Copaquilla, Chile

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Safety Evaluation Models

Real-Time Safety Optimization of Connected Vehicle Trajectories Using Reinforcement Learning

Construction of a high fidelity epidermis-on-a-chip for scalable in vitro irritation evaluation.

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Genetic Evaluation Models

Impact of the event effect in genetic evaluation for ranking traits in horses.

Genomic prediction of hybrid crops allows disentangling dominance and epistasis

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Analysi Evaluation Models

An Adaptive BP Neural Network Model for Teaching Quality Evaluation in Colleges and Universities


Evaluation Models sentence examples within Two Evaluation Models

Mixed scattering as a problem in laser speckle contrast analysis.

Evaluating spatial service and layout efficiency of municipal Wi-Fi facilities for SmartCity planning: A case study of Wuhan city, China

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Security Evaluation Models

A Review of Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Security of Big Data Systems: State-of-Art, Methodologies, Applications, and Challenges

Enhanced Evaluation Model of Security Strength for Passwords Using Integrated Korean and English Password Dictionaries

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Sophisticated Evaluation Models

Ignoring Spatial and Spatiotemporal Dependence in the Disturbances Can Make Black Swans Appear Grey

Evaluation of Engineering Students’ Learning Outcomes: Creating a Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Specific Evaluation Models

Doctorados virtuales centroamericanos: educomunicación, formación de tutores y calidad en la producción de conocimiento

A nomogram model to predict the venous thromboembolism risk after surgery in patients with gynecological tumors.

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Propose Evaluation Models

The Diversity of Gamification Evaluation in the Software Engineering Education and Industry: Trends, Comparisons and Gaps

The Diversity of Gamification Evaluation in the Software Engineering Education and Industry: Trends, Comparisons and Gaps

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Quantitative Evaluation Models

Research on the Quantitative Evaluation of the Traffic Environment Complexity for Unmanned Vehicles in Urban Roads

Quantitative analysis of FQs antibiotics content in FMF using THz spectral and imaging technology.

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Trust Evaluation Models

Novel trust evaluation using NSGA-III based adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

Multihop Trust Evaluation Using Memory Integrity in Wireless Sensor Networks

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Fmy Evaluation Models

A model for evaluation of surrounding rock stability based on D-S evidence theory and error-eliminating theory

Multi-Trait Single-Step GBLUP Improves Accuracy of Genomic Prediction for Carcass Traits Using Yearling Weight and Ultrasound Traits in Hanwoo

Evaluation Models sentence examples within Efficiency Evaluation Models

Efficiency Evaluation and Selection Strategies for Green Portfolios under Different Risk Appetites

Industrial Structure Transformation and Layout Optimization of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region under Carbon Emission Constraints

Sustainability Insertion in Higher Education: An Analysis of Research Performed in the Brazilian Context

Particle Swarm Algorithm-Based Analysis of Pelvic Dynamic MRI Images in Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

Relational versus structural goals prioritize different social information.

Task Technology Fit Model on E-voting Technology Election of High School Student Council SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Bantul

Drug delivery systems for the treatment of psoriasis: Current status and prospects

Performance Evaluation of Sheltered Workshops. Does Legal Status Matter

Presence of Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Marketing Topics in the Dental School Curriculum in Brazil.

Evaluation and Analysis of the Health of Higher Education System

Revaluasi Aset Tetap pada Perusahaan Sektor Industri Manufaktur Di Indonesia

Satellite Gravimetry: A Review of Its Realization

Mitigasi Perkawinan Anak di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19 Melalui Sekolah Pra Nikah bagi Ikatan Pelajar Muhammadiyah Klaten

Detection of phytophthora palmivora in cocoa fruit with deep learning

A fuzzy system of operation safety assessment using multi-model linkage and multi-stage collaboration for in-wheel motor

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review

Coupling coordination analysis and spatio-temporal heterogeneity between urbanization and eco-environment along the Silk Road Economic Belt in China

Green Metallic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy: Evaluation Models and Cancer Applications

The Impact of Informatization on the Relationship between the Tourism Industry and Regional Economic Development

Study on Evaluation Model of Emergency Rescue Capability of Chemical Accidents Based on PCA-BP

Research Progress in Anti-Inflammatory Bioactive Substances Derived from Marine Microorganisms, Sponges, Algae, and Corals

Research on Highway Roadside Safety

Evaluation of the Chemistry curriculum at the lower secondary level: feedback from educators

Genomic information allows for more accurate breeding values for milkability in dual-purpose Italian Simmental cattle.

Research on Evaluation Method of Ecological Environment Quality Based on the Improvement of Human Settlement Environment

Research and Practice of Training Effect Evaluation System Based on Kirkpatrick Model—Taking Teacher Training System of Zhejiang Open University as an Example

Smart teaching evaluation model using weighted naive bayes algorithm

Proposal to Structure Social Studies Course According to Toulmin’s Argumentation Model

Peran Guru dalam Perspektif Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia

A Product Shape Design and Evaluation Model Based on Morphology Preference and Macroscopic Shape Information

Quantitative evaluation of multi-process collaborative operation in steelmaking-continuous casting sections

Deploying a “Good Jobs” Strategy in Service Sectors for Enhancing Competitive Advantage

Design influence and evaluation model of bioretention in rainwater treatment: A review

Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Resettlement Site Selection in Karst Areas Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization

Risk assessment of knowledge fusion in an innovation ecosystem based on a GA-BP neural network

Study on Open-pit Mine Slope Stability Based on Improved TOPSIS Method

A Novel System for Evaluating the Inhibition Effect of Drugs on Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in vitro Based on Human-Induced Hepatocytes (hiHeps)

Use of Decision Trees to Evaluate the Impact of a Holistic Music Educational Approach on Children with Special Needs

Role and educational implications of cognitive surgical skills

More Evaluation Models 평가 모델 sentence examples

La evaluación en los SPOC: análisis de modelos e instrumentos

Research on the Evaluation Model for Wireless Sensor Network Performance Based on Mixed Multiattribute Decision-Making

Knowledge models in computer-aided manufacturing systems

From Usability to Pleasure: A Case Study of Difference in Users’ Preference

Land use suitability analysis for town development planning in Nanjing hilly areas: A case study of Tangshan new town, China

Implementasi Pembelajaran Kontekstual pada Mata Pelajaran Fikih di MTsN 7 Kepung Kediri

Estimation Coefficients for Evaluating the Efficiency of IT Facilitated Online Learning

Research on Data Currency Rule and Quality Evaluation

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