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Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within cell wall degradation

Peach ethylene response factor PpeERF2 represses the expression of ABA biosynthesis and cell wall degradation genes during fruit ripening.

Transcriptomic analysis reveals key factors in fruit ripening and rubbery texture caused by 1-MCP in papaya

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within indole 3 acetic

Systematic identification and analysis of heat-stress-responsive lncRNAs, circRNAs and miRNAs with associated co-expression and ceRNA networks in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.).

Trichoderma aspereullm ACCC30536 inoculation differently regulates the time-course expression of five indole-3-acetic acid amido synthetase genes and the levels of IAA, SA and JA in Populus davidiana × P. alba var. Pyramidalis

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within Mediated Ethylene Signaling

Host-produced ethylene is required for marked cell expansion and endoreduplication in dodder search hyphae.

ETR1 Integrates Response to Ethylene and Cytokinins into a Single Multistep Phosphorelay Pathway to Control Root Growth.

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Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within ethylene signaling pathway

Petal size in rapeseed: novel QTL and candidate genes detected through genome-wide association study and transcriptome comparison.

Transcriptomic Analysis of Genes Involved in Plant Defense Response to the Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus Infection

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within ethylene signaling component

Ethylene-induced banana starch degradation mediated by an ethylene signaling component MaEIL2

Modulation of Organogenesis and Somatic Embryogenesis by Ethylene: An Overview

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within ethylene signaling gene

Sound Waves Promote Arabidopsis thaliana Root Growth by Regulating Root Phytohormone Content

IQD1 involvement in hormonal signaling and general defense responses against Botrytis cinerea

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within ethylene signaling mutant

Ethylene signaling in salt-stressed Arabidopsis thaliana ein2-1 and ctr1-1 mutants - A dissection of molecular mechanisms involved in acclimation.

Influence of Ethylene Signaling in the Crosstalk Between Fe, S, and P Deficiency Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ethylene Signaling sentence examples within ethylene signaling transduction

Identification of Key Gene Networks Associated With Cell Wall Components Leading to Flesh Firmness in Watermelon

Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Significant Difference in Gene Expression and Pathways Between Two Peanut Cultivars under Al Stress.

Xylooligosaccharides induce stomatal closure via salicylic acid signaling-regulated reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide production in Arabidopsis.

Role of the KNOTTED1-LIKE HOMEOBOX protein (KD1) in regulating abscission of tomato flower pedicels at early and late stages of the process.

Genetic Improvement for Resistance to Black Sigatoka in Bananas: A Systematic Review

Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals function of TERF1 in promoting seed germination.

Identification of DNA Methylation and Transcriptomic Profiles Associated With Fruit Mealiness in Prunus persica (L.) Batsch

Carbon Dioxide Pretreatment and Cold Storage Synergistically Delay Tomato Ripening through Transcriptional Change in Ethylene-Related Genes and Respiration-Related Metabolism

The RING E3 ligase SDIR1 destabilizes EBF1/EBF2 and modulates the ethylene response to ambient temperature fluctuations in Arabidopsis

Ethylene participates in zinc oxide nanoparticles induced biochemical, molecular and ultrastructural changes in rice seedlings.

Pith-specific lignification in Nicotiana attenuata as a defense against a stem-boring herbivore.

Ethylene-regulated asymmetric growth of the petal base promotes flower opening in rose (Rosa hybrida).

Physiological and transcriptional responses of Phalaris arundinacea under waterlogging conditions.

Exogenous proanthocyanidins improve tolerance of Cu-toxicity by amelioration of oxidative damage and re-programming of gene expression in Medicago sativa

ANAC044 is associated with P reutilization in P deficient Arabidopsis thaliana root cell wall in an ethylene dependent manner

Ethylene and salicylic acid synergistically accelerate leaf senescence in Arabidopsis.

Promoter analysis of the SPATULA (FvSPT) and SPIRAL (FvSPR) genes in the woodland diploid strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.).

Viral Strain-Specific Activation of Pathogen-Associated Molecular Pattern-Triggered Immunity Enhances Symptom Severity in Broad Bean Wilt Virus 2 Infection

Rate of banana fruit ripening depends on genome composition and gene expression of ethylene signaling and ethylene biosynthesis

PAP/SAL1 retrograde signaling pathway modulates iron deficiency response in alkaline soils.

A primary cell wall cellulose-dependent defense mechanism against vascular pathogens revealed by time-resolved dual transcriptomics

ERF1 delays flowering through direct inhibition of FLOWERING LOCUS T expression in Arabidopsis.

JAR1 negatively regulates root growth under boron deficiency in Arabidopsis.

ERF9 of Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. undergoes feedback regulation by ethylene and modulates cold tolerance via regulating a glutathione S-transferase U17 gene.

Low Temperature Storage Stimulates Fruit Softening and Sugar Accumulation Without Ethylene and Aroma Volatile Production in Kiwifruit

A Sense of Place: Transcriptomics Identifies Environmental Signatures in Cabernet Sauvignon Berry Skins in the Late Stages of Ripening

Analysis of PpGLV gene family suggests that PpGLV4 peptide coordinates auxin and ethylene signaling in peach

Ethylene mediates dichromate-induced oxidative stress and regulation of the enzymatic antioxidant system-related transcriptome in Arabidopsis thaliana

Mutation in a putative glycosyltransferase-like gene causes programmed cell death and early leaf senescence in rice

The ARGOS-LIKE genes of Arabidopsis and tobacco as targets for improving plant productivity and stress tolerance.

RSI1/FLD is a positive regulator for defense against necrotrophic pathogens

Light Modulates Ethylene Synthesis, Signaling, and Downstream Transcriptional Networks to Control Plant Development

Ethylene signaling mediates potyvirus spread by aphid vectors

Submergence stress-induced hypocotyl elongation through ethylene signaling-mediated regulation of cortical microtubules in Arabidopsis.

Arabidopsis CPR5 regulates ethylene signaling via interacting with ETR1 N-terminus and controlling mRNAs nucleocytoplasmic transport

Ethylene insensitive mutation improves Arabidopsis plant tolerance to NO2 exposure.

Dissection of Ramularia Leaf Spot Disease by Integrated Analysis of Barley and Ramularia collo-cygni Transcriptome Responses.

Zinc finger protein 5 (ZFP5) associates with ethylene signaling to regulate the phosphate and potassium deficiency-induced root hair development in Arabidopsis

Shaping Ethylene Response: The Role of EIN3/EIL1 Transcription Factors

Involvement of ethylene signaling in zinc oxide nanoparticle-mediated biochemical changes in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves

Two-factor ANOVA of SSH and RNA-seq analysis reveal development-associated Pi-starvation genes in oilseed rape

The Ethylene Precursor ACC Affects Early Vegetative Development Independently of Ethylene Signaling

SlMYB75, an MYB-type transcription factor, promotes anthocyanin accumulation and enhances volatile aroma production in tomato fruits

Transcriptome Characterization of Gene Profiling During Early Stage of Nitric Oxide-Induced Adventitious Rooting in Mung Bean Seedlings

Phenotypic and molecular traits determine the tolerance of olive trees to drought stress.

Pollination Type Recognition from a Distance by the Ovary Is Revealed Through a Global Transcriptomic Analysis

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Ethylene Signaling 에틸렌 신호

Ethylene Signaling 에틸렌 신호
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