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Ethnic food knowledge of highland pastoral communities in the Himalayas and prospects for its sustainability

The influence of biculturalism/integration attributes on ethnic food identity formation

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Asian swamp eels in North America linked to the live-food trade and prayer-release rituals

Fermentation-enabled wellness foods: A fresh perspective

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Regulatory focus and message framing’s effects on intention to consume ethnic food in China

“Why do you dine at Korean restaurants?” An ethnic food consumption model approach

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Stepwise tailoring and test–retest of reproducibility of an ethnic-specific FFQ to estimate nutrient intakes for South Asians in New Zealand

Assessment of heavy- and semi-metals contamination in edible seaweed and dried fish sold in ethnic food stores on the Italian market

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Food waste management in ethnic food restaurants

The domestic situation of ethnic food restaurants and Service Failure, recovery, trust, satisfaction, loyalty of the Study on the Quality of Service

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Microbial biotechnology in food and health: present and future food safety regulation

Food and White Multiculturalism: Racial Aesthetics of Commercial Gentrification in Amsterdam’s Javastraat

Edible and Medicinal Pteridophytes of Nepal: A Review

Exploration of heritage food concept

“If there’s no dill, the taste isn’t right!” A comparison of food plant knowledge between Polish and German descendants in the context of an imagined culinary community in Brazil

Tehnik Penyusunan Rencana Usaha Kecil Menengah (Ukm) Komunitas Perempuan Kepala Rumah Tangga (Pekka) Masjid Agung Palembang

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Fermentation Dynamics of Ethiopian Traditional Beer (Tella) As Influenced by Substitution of Gesho (Rhamnus prinoides) With Moringa Stenopetala as Innovation for Nutrition

Caregiving and Care Receiving Experiences Among Older Chinese Immigrants and Their Home Health Aide.

Energy Content and Nutrient Profiles of Frequently Consumed Meals in Singapore

Metabolomics affirms traditional alcoholic beverage raksi as a remedy for high-altitude sickness

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Diversity of beneficial microorganisms and their functionalities in community-specific ethnic fermented foods of the Eastern Himalayas.

Foodways Practices Among Iranian Students in Malaysia

What’s cooking in multicultural films? Food, language and identity in British and American audiovisual products and their Italian dubbed version

Cosmopolitanism in ethnic foodscapes: A geosemiotic, social literacies view of restaurants in Bloomington, Indiana

Development of Model for Extrusion Cooking Based on Textural Properties of Extrudate Prepared from Rice Broken and Pigeon Pea Dal Broken Flour Blends

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Eating Bhorthas in America: Exploring Dietary Changes upon Migration Among Bangladeshi Muslims Women in New York City (P04-123-19).

Pitas and Passports: Arab Foodways in the Windsor-Detroit Borderlands

Improvising “Nonexistent Rights”: Immigrants, Ethnic Restaurants, and Corporeal Citizenship in Suburban California

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Toxigenic and pathogenic potential of enteric bacterial pathogens prevalent in the traditional fermented foods marketed in the Northeast region of India.

A Survey on Ethnic Foods and Desserts of Mohr City in Fars

Leea macrophylla Roxb. ex Hornem.: An ethnomedicinal, ethnic food, economical, and pharmacological update

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Ethnic food consumption intention at the touring destination: The national and regional perspectives using multi-group analysis

The genealogy of traditional Javanese cassava-based foods

Bika Ambon of Indonesia: history, culture, and its contribution to tourism sector

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Ethnic seafood products sold on the Italian market: labelling assessment and biological, chemical and physical risk characterization

Food tourism destinations’ imagery processing model

Dietary Database of Oxalates

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Ethnic Food 민족 음식

Ethnic Food 민족 음식
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