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Workplace challenges and nurses recovered from COVID-19.

Conscience, conscientious objection, and nursing: A concept analysis

Toward an inclusive evidence-based practice model: Embracing pluralistic understandings of professional knowledge in health care and health care higher education

Aesthetic medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. How should we proceed in times of uncertainty?

Exploring caring leadership through a feminist ethic of care: The case of a sporty CEO

Careful Practices: Ethics and the Anethical in Canadian Addiction Trajectories

Hair at the intersection of dermatology and anthropology: A conversation on race and relationships.

Does midwifery-led care demonstrate care ethics: A template analysis.

Experiences of stigma and discrimination among people living with dementia and family carers in Brazil: qualitative study

Academic Ethical Awareness and Moral Sensitivity of Undergraduate Nursing Students: Assessment and Influencing Factors

The Board Certification Process

Discriminative nursing care: A grounded theory study

Ethics in Conflict: Moral Distress as a Root Cause of Burnout

Slow fashion – Balancing the conscious retail model within the fashion marketplace

Medical Control Decisions: When Does a Neonate Become a Separate Patient?

Human Remains in Museum Collections in the United Kingdom

Conflict, Complicity, and Challenges: Reflections on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Health Sector Hearing

Lost in translation: Informed consent in the medical mission setting☆

Statutory Restrictions on Advance Care Planning and Pregnancy.

Serviço social e cuidados paliativos

Review of: Hébert, P. (2016) Good Medicine: The Art of Ethical Care in Canada

Sex, Grief, and Psychic Trauma: Considering History and Politics in the Psychosexual Treatment of Women with FGC

Commentary 2: Neither Ill will Nor a Deliberate Intention: What Focus Groups Say about Professional Practices in Hospitals

Processes toward the end of life and dialysis withdrawal Physicians’ and nurses’ perspectives

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Representaciones sociales de la diabetes mellitus tipo 2 en pacientes de Cuautla, México

Leaving-But Not Yet Left: A Rejection of the Perception ‘God’s Waiting Room’ in Favour of Humanistic Residential Aged Care

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Ethical Care 윤리적 배려

Ethical Care 윤리적 배려
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